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ID #591
Occurred: 20 Mar 2015
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 9:25 PM
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*Alec's team goes to overtime in a critical playoff game, but he can't stay awake to watch it*

(00:08:49) DrInvertigone: I'm getting tired.
(00:09:20) DrInvertigone: That's me. The 23-year-old grandpa.
(00:09:27) GoldenJimbo007: virgin*
(00:09:38) Infilament: hawks playing the most exciting NHL game in months and alec can barely keep his eyes open
(00:09:47) DrInvertigone: True. But It's not something I frown upon or look at.
(00:10:24) DrInvertigone: Let society give me stigma for being a virgin. When it happens, it happens. I'm focused on being Corey the Conqueror and working my tail off this Summer.
(00:10:38) GoldenJimbo007: More like Corey the Cuntslayer
(00:10:54) GoldenJimbo007: Infil the Iron-dick
(00:11:26) GoldenJimbo007: Third the twisty-testicles
(00:11:31) Thiradell: lol
(00:11:36) DrInvertigone: Although, technically, it is biologically possible for somebody to be a grandpa at 23.
(00:11:36) GoldenJimbo007: Tyler the testicle twister
(00:11:57) DKK5: DK Very Small, Very Limp, Penis
(00:12:00) Infilament: being a testicle twister and having twisty-testicles p different things imo
(00:12:09) GoldenJimbo007: I know :-(
(00:12:16) Thiradell: I've received numerous compliments on my entwined members
(00:12:22) DrInvertigone: I'm not specifying myself. I'm saying, I think there was one couple that were parents at like 8-9 years old.
(00:12:39) GoldenJimbo007: Don't think I got my first boner until I was 14, that's impossible
(00:14:15) ngonhislaptop: more strange was that it was still 10 more years before Jim first saw it
(00:14:23) Infilament: loool
(00:14:28) GoldenJimbo007: LOL
ID #573
Occurred: 19 Sep 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 9:03 PM
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*Ritch is talking about the new matching "cartoon devil with an erection" tattoos her and her friend got last month*

(21:37:56) Infilament: Third, would you get a Satan tattoo spread across your chest on a dare?
(21:38:08) venisonvixen: My satan tattoo has a penis.
(21:38:16) Infilament: right, it has to have a penis too
(21:38:28) venisonvixen: It's adorbs though :)
(21:38:52) Thiradell: on a dare?
(21:38:59) Thiradell: you should've asked me if I would for $10,000
(21:39:34) Infilament: didn't your best friend get the same tattoo in the last month, rachel
(21:39:54) Infilament: because you strapped your friend to the tattoo chair and held a gun?
(21:40:13) venisonvixen: No
(21:40:33) venisonvixen: we dared each other to get matching surprise tattoos
(21:40:38) venisonvixen: and not look till it was done. artist's choice
(21:41:06) ngameratwork: artist's choice for something on your body for the rest of your life, holy smokes
(21:41:07) Infilament: you got satan's penis on your body without knowing it?
(21:41:21) COME as u r337: thats usually how it happens, infil
(21:41:31) BluelineGoddess: tampons - satan's cottony fingers
(21:41:31) DKK5: here's the thing Infil, devils with erections are a big part of my life
(21:42:56) COME as u r337: Rach, will you get a tattoo of Jimbo's pushup pic?
(21:44:33) TopRogue7: she already has a picture of satan and his penis, come
(21:44:34) venisonvixen: I'll get a Charlie Brown/Snoopy tattoo... and a pickle.
(21:44:52) venisonvixen: my best friend and I are getting matching pickles.
(21:44:57) Thiradell: lol
(21:46:15) DKK5: I'm gonna get a tattoo of Charlie Brown and Snoopy with his red dog dick double teaming Peppermint Patty
(21:56:19) venisonvixen: The artist said it's an "F-U" to the world
(22:05:08) venisonvixen: My mother will have a heart attack if she sees this one.
(22:09:11) venisonvixen: She only gets mad because "Dr Zador said no tattoos"
(22:09:28) venisonvixen: I said, "Dr Zador was a pediatric endocrinologist. tattoos are illegal for kids."
(22:10:10) ngameratwork: doctor zador doctor zador. doctor zador doctor zador. ooooooooh doctor zador
(22:10:20) venisonvixen: Dr Zador was a tyrant.
(22:10:45) COME as u r337: I am boycotting Dr Zador from this day forward.
ID #229
Occurred: Nov 08 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Blueline Goddess (10:55:19 PM): I know when BOC played SNL last year, Will came out with a cowbell.
CieloAzor (10:55:33 PM): Hey, that was the only prescription.
CieloAzor (10:55:37 PM): He did what he had to do.
Im Ngamer (10:55:53 PM): did Walken host that show as well?
CieloAzor (10:55:55 PM): Yeah.
CieloAzor (10:55:59 PM): He's the one who had a fever.
MotoXRider3131 (10:56:05 PM): Was he wearing gold plated diapers?
Im Ngamer (10:56:20 PM): what does that even mean?
MotoXRider3131 (10:56:46 PM): Don't question Bruce Dickenson!
ID #447
Occurred: 29 Sep 2007
Submitted: 30 Sep 2007, 1:09 AM
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*end of Jimbo's Name That Car KotH*
GoldenJimbo007 (11:57:53 PM): FINAL QUESTION:
GoldenJimbo007 (11:57:53 PM): http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o208/goldenjimbo007/ASecretCar.jpg
Neo26988 (11:58:04 PM): Hey what the fuck
RyanWhiteGoose (11:58:12 PM): lmfao
t o p r o g u e7 (11:58:25 PM): I can name the person!
GoldenGreg007 (11:58:46 PM): i totally missed that at first
t o p r o g u e7 (11:58:49 PM): model: barber, make: douchebag
Im Ngamer (11:58:52 PM): heh
CieloAzor (11:58:53 PM): bwahaha
RyanWhiteGoose (11:58:54 PM): PWNEDDDDDDd
GoldenGreg007 (11:58:54 PM): hahahaha.
GoldenGreg007 (11:58:58 PM): p'zoned!
Im Ngamer (11:59:05 PM): 2008 Honda Civic LX
RyanWhiteGoose (11:59:09 PM): mmm
GoldenJimbo007 (11:59:12 PM): Jon's new car!
t o p r o g u e7 (11:59:17 PM): wow, i could have easily guessed civic
t o p r o g u e7 (11:59:27 PM): instead, i insisted on douchebag
ID #416
Occurred: 3 Mar 2007
Submitted: 3 Mar 2007, 7:21 AM
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Im Ngamer (4:15:35 AM): ok, time for a very special treat
Im Ngamer (4:15:45 AM): an out of season...
Im Ngamer (4:15:53 AM): King of the Hill Tune-Up!
Im Ngamer (4:18:16 AM): today's topic is...
Im Ngamer (4:18:26 AM): What would you do for 1 million dollars?
Im Ngamer (4:19:18 AM): you guess whether the GameFAQs Contest Board said Yes they'd do it or No they wouldn't
(later on)
Im Ngamer (4:39:00 AM): #11. Watch your parents have sex.
Infil12 (4:39:09 AM): wow
Infil12 (4:39:11 AM): hardest one yet
Infil12 (4:39:42 AM): *i* would say no.
Im Ngamer (4:39:40 AM): they actually said...
Im Ngamer (4:39:48 AM): Yes!
Im Ngamer (4:39:52 AM): 34-5
Infil12 (4:40:00 AM): wow, that overwhelming, eh?
CieloAzor (4:40:00 AM): What a blowout!
CieloAzor (4:40:08 AM): I'd watch for 10 bucks!
Im Ngamer (4:40:12 AM): jeez!
Infil12 (4:40:18 AM): sick, sick man!
Im Ngamer (4:40:35 AM): the worst part is, QB meant pay
ID #218
Occurred: Oct 16 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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MIG144MFI (8:17:47 PM): I sent in my apps to Case W and West Point today
Im Ngamer (8:18:12 PM): watch out Trent! they'll make you do pushups!
COME as u r337 (8:18:27 PM): Jon had to do a lot of pushups.
COME as u r337 (8:18:37 PM): With one of the instructors on his "back"
Im Ngamer (8:19:09 PM): well, sure, but it wasn't so bad for me
Im Ngamer (8:19:16 PM): the instructor had it worse
Im Ngamer (8:19:21 PM): 100 pushins
ID #465
Occurred: 3 Feb 2008
Submitted: 5 Feb 2008, 8:18 PM
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*during half-time of Super Bowl 42*
COME as u r337 (6:56:02 PM): good first half
COME as u r337 (6:56:15 PM): now, who wants to pick a Petty song?
COME as u r337 (6:56:18 PM): First song will be...
COME as u r337 (6:56:23 PM): Runnin Down A Dream
Im Ngamer (6:56:38 PM): sorry Come, I don't make petty bets
ID #535
Occurred: 11 Sep 2010
Submitted: 11 Sep 2010, 2:28 PM
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1:00:08 PM: alecboy006 entered the room.
alecboy006 (1:00:16 PM): Getting a lap top today
alecboy006 (1:00:24 PM): Min Mor and I are fighting again
Rshepherd1000 (1:00:26 PM): csb
alecboy006 (1:00:34 PM): I overheard her just now "Why didn't I get an abortion?"
Rshepherd1000 (1:00:44 PM): WHAT
alecboy006 (1:01:08 PM): Fucking bitch face I swear
Scott (1:03:12 PM): Was she talking about your siblings?
alecboy006 (1:03:23 PM): I don't have any siblings.
ID #292
Occurred: Apr 03 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (10:31:11 PM): did Bonds homer?
CieloAzor (10:31:38 PM): No.
Im Ngamer (10:31:49 PM): good
octoinky (10:31:57 PM): lol why good?
CieloAzor (10:32:25 PM): Cause he's a jerk?
octoinky (10:32:36 PM): the media is worse
octoinky (10:32:47 PM): wouldn't you be a little sick of all of that by now?
Im Ngamer (10:33:03 PM): I'd be sick for alot of reasons if I was Bonds
Im Ngamer (10:33:10 PM): with all I was injecting into myself
ID #587
Occurred: 15 Mar 2015
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 9:09 PM
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*Alec watches two hours of soap operas every afternoon*

(21:09:47) DrInvertigone has entered the room
(21:09:54) DrInvertigone: This Bachelor finale has been underwhelming.
(21:10:56) ngonhislaptop: well if General Hospital and The Bachelor don't meet your standards today at least you can still watch your True Blood DVDs later
(21:11:09) DrInvertigone: GH was great today.
(21:12:02) DrInvertigone: I know the main storyline now is the Sonny custody battle.
(21:12:16) DrInvertigone: I was waiting for Michael to change Avery's last name to Quartermaine.
(21:12:36) DrInvertigone: But decided he would call her AJ instead. Brilliant way to get back at Sonny to end today's episode.
(21:12:55) ngonhislaptop: quite the cunning fox, that one
(21:14:12) DrInvertigone: I do wonder if there's a way to cure Ava's cancer. I don't really care for the Spinelli/Nathan/Maxie love triangle. Franco and Nina continue to win me over. I know I'd like to see more. Hopefully they can reveal soon that Jake is Jason.
(21:14:33) DrInvertigone: Nothing worse than dragging out a long, dramatic storyline and making it underwhelming.
(21:15:00) DrInvertigone: The whole Luke storyline if he was being impersonated turned out to be Luke just going crazy. Didn't care for that.
(21:15:48) ngonhislaptop: wait, Jake is Jason? are you 100% on that, I could have sworn...
(21:15:57) DrInvertigone: Yes, Jake is Jason.
(21:16:03) DrInvertigone: Helena even told Jake he was Jason.
(21:16:08) DrInvertigone: But Jake couldn't remember who he was.
(21:16:20) DrInvertigone: And now Nick knows Jake is Jason but hasn't told Sam.
(21:17:23) Thiradell: pretty unfair to Sam
(21:17:58) Infil1212: yeah, sam's getting the raw deal here
(21:18:08) DrInvertigone: Well, Tyler, Jason and Sam are married and do have a kid together. Sam has visited Jake in the hospital with neither one of them knowing who Jake really is.
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