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ID #231
Occurred: Nov 11 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(20:02:33) COME as u r337: time for..
(20:02:34) COME as u r337: poop!
(20:02:37) Blueline Goddess: heheh
(20:03:27) Im Ngamer: don't encourage him!
(20:03:41) Im Ngamer: we'll never potty-train him at this rate
(20:12:54) Blueline Goddess: just like the absentee father to come in and attempt to tell me how to parent MY child!
(20:13:29) Im Ngamer: I was thinking of him more as a puppy dog
(20:13:36) Im Ngamer: but that works too I guess
(20:13:51) Blueline Goddess: hmm, incest or beastiality... *thinks*
(20:14:14) Im Ngamer: I guess it depends on the breed, for me
(20:14:13) StvnHaley: in time its gonna have the same end result so it really doesnt matter
ID #449
Occurred: 1 Nov 2007
Submitted: 2 Nov 2007, 12:57 AM
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RyanWhiteGoose (11:53:58 PM): so Ive been considering joining LL
COME as u r3 7 (11:55:21 PM): you can't just JOIN LL, Goose.
RyanWhiteGoose (11:55:27 PM): I mean Lava Life
RyanWhiteGoose (11:55:31 PM): not Lue Links
RyanWhiteGoose (11:55:34 PM): Im not some sort of loser lol
ID #5
Occurred: Apr 08 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Eyed Lemon (10:52:40 AM): i just finished cleaning 8 rolls of toilet paper off my car
Eyed Lemon (10:52:45 AM): wtf
Eyed Lemon (10:54:24 AM): at least it wasn't malicious, like my car getting broke into for the 17th time
holycatholique (10:55:30 AM): are you keeping in valuables in the car that are visible?
Eyed Lemon (10:55:51 AM): absolutely nothing :-D
holycatholique (10:55:55 AM): wtf
Eyed Lemon (10:56:04 AM): because it gets broke into so much
Eyed Lemon (10:56:21 AM): one time someone stole it from the park and ride
Eyed Lemon (10:56:45 AM): so i report it, and i get a call that night
Eyed Lemon (10:57:01 AM): my car has been abandoned...in another park and ride
Eyed Lemon (10:57:10 AM): like 20 miles away
Eyed Lemon (10:57:16 AM): it's like, just take the bus, dude
ID #563
Occurred: 30 Jun 2012
Submitted: 30 Jun 2012, 4:39 PM
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GoldenJ007 (10:35:09 PM): YES
GoldenJ007 (10:35:09 PM): PR!
GoldenJ007 (10:35:11 PM): Silo 00A 1:32
GoldenJ007 (10:35:18 PM): Man I'm on FIRE right now
GoldenJ007 (10:35:22 PM): HUGE PR
GoldenJ007 (10:35:48 PM): Um
GoldenJ007 (10:35:48 PM): Or not
GoldenJ007 (10:35:51 PM): Pretend i never said that
GoldenJ007 (10:36:01 PM): I was playing AGENT that entire time, the ultimate fuckover imo
carathornpd (10:36:07 PM): LOL JIMBO
Rshepherd1000 (10:36:09 PM): LOL
ID #384
Occurred: 26 Aug 2006
Submitted: 25 Aug 2006, 11:26 PM
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RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:20 AM): well I mean
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:27 AM): I guess I kind of want a gf
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:28 AM): but like
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:32 AM): you can't push it
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:35 AM): it just has to happen
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:40 AM): so I could be waiting a long while
l34ss l3oost (12:23:42 AM): precisely
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:49 AM): well, I guess its just like playing frigate
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:54 AM): you can't play for so long
RyanWhiteGoose (12:23:57 AM): then keep going
RyanWhiteGoose (12:24:01 AM): I mean, it just happens
RyanWhiteGoose (12:24:05 AM): can't force it out
l34ss l3oost (12:24:55 AM): just dont blow the bug throw when it happens
ID #359
Occurred: 28 May 2006
Submitted: 23 Jun 2006, 1:23 AM
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COME as u r337: I've already played SMB to my full potential!
Im Ngamer: I'll use my BED to full potential if you're not careful!
Blueline Goddess: you don't have a girlfriend.
Blueline Goddess: ...or a boyfriend, should he swing that way.
COME as u r337: Well, only when he visits Boss
COME as u r337: but then it's not HIS bed.
Blueline Goddess: indeed.
ID #331
Occurred: May 12 2000
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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mjf345 (8:52:04 PM): hm, let's see how many edits i have so far on the wiki...
mjf345 (8:52:15 PM): still not 500...
mjf345 (8:52:32 PM): 404
Regular Civilian (8:52:55 PM): Number not found?
mjf345 (8:53:39 PM): what do you mean by "Number not found?"?
Regular Civilian (8:54:30 PM): geek'd
ID #393
Occurred: 17 Oct 2006
Submitted: 14 Oct 2006, 9:42 PM
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Neo1337 (8:12:44 PM): Here's a myspace bulletin I just got (I know, myspace, ugh)
Neo1337 (8:12:55 PM): Take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with "Orgasm".
Im Ngamer (8:17:26 PM): 12 Angry Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:17:38 PM): that might actually be better than the original!
Im Ngamer (8:18:22 PM): Raiders of the Lost Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:18:41 PM): Silent Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:18:50 PM): Schindler's Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:18:51 PM): A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:19:03 PM): An Orgasm To Remember
CieloAzor (8:19:13 PM): Orgasm Wars
Neo1337 (8:19:19 PM): The Passion of the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:19:24 PM): Mr. Smith Goes to Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:19:31 PM): Eyes Wide Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:19:35 PM): Gone In 60 Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:19:49 PM): I prefer Orgasm Wide Open
Im Ngamer (8:20:50 PM): Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:20:59 PM): Orgasm of the Apes
CieloAzor (8:21:22 PM): Orgasm Wood
CieloAzor (8:21:45 PM): Little Miss Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:22:21 PM): Anatomy of An Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:22:29 PM): V For Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:22:48 PM): Sweet Smell of Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:23:11 PM): Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:23:45 PM): The Orgasm Who Shot Liberty Valance
CieloAzor (8:24:12 PM): Rear Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:25:03 PM): Orgasm Me if You Can
Im Ngamer (8:26:21 PM): or Catch Me If You Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:26:30 PM): Joe Versus the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:27:33 PM): An Inconvenient Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:27:56 PM): A Few Good Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:28:39 PM): He Orgasms, She Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:29:59 PM): Surviving the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:31:34 PM): Die Hard: With An Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:34:24 PM): Mighty Morphin' Power Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:34:50 PM): Dead Man Orgasming
CieloAzor (8:34:57 PM): Intolerable Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:35:12 PM): Very Bad Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:35:46 PM): Shall We Orgasm?
CieloAzor (8:36:41 PM): The Orgasms of Extraordinary Gentlemen
ID #510
Occurred: 25 Jul 2009
Submitted: 24 Jul 2009, 6:57 PM
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AlecBoy006: How am I blocked from stats?
AlecBoy006: I just reported news.
AlecBoy006: That blows.
AlecBoy006: Brick abuses his power.
AlecBoy006: He does everything to spite me.
isthatagoodt: I've had requests from more than a handful of chat members to do this, and gave you more than enough chances to just SHUT THE FUCK UP
AlecBoy006: I'm fucking sick of you.
AlecBoy006: I swear
AlecBoy006: You're a no good piece of shit.
rshepherd1000: lolin
AlecBoy006: All I did was report something I saw from a website.
AlecBoy006: You said you would block me
AlecBoy006: If I mentioned stats again
AlecBoy006: And you know what?
AlecBoy006: I didn't.
isthatagoodt: ^Just did, sorry :-(
AlecBoy006: I kept my promise
AlecBoy006: Well.
AlecBoy006: I'm bringing up a point.
AlecBoy006: I still kept my promise.
AlecBoy006: I have NOT been talking about it.
AlecBoy006: God you're such a fucking faggot.
AlecBoy006: If anything
AlecBoy006: I think you're jealous
AlecBoy006: You were getting scared that I was moving on up.
isthatagoodt: LOL
AlecBoy006: It's true
AlecBoy006: I know it.
isthatagoodt: So you DID think it was a competition, didn't you!
AlecBoy006: No.
AlecBoy006: I didn't.
AlecBoy006: But that is my hypothesis.
isthatagoodt: You were getting scared that I was moving on up. <---- Yes
AlecBoy006: No.
AlecBoy006: Personally I couldn't care less.
AlecBoy006: And what would it take for me to get unbanned?
isthatagoodt: It cannot be undone
AlecBoy006: You're just abusing your power.
SupaOdin: lol do you realy care that much about it, alec?
AlecBoy006: I hate you so fucking much
AlecBoy006: You're a fucking faggot
AlecBoy006: NO GOOD
isthatagoodt: Chat stats were his LIFE
AlecBoy006: PIECE
AlecBoy006: OF
isthatagoodt: Now his life is
AlecBoy006: SHIT
isthatagoodt: BLOCKED
AlecBoy006: FUCK YOU
isthatagoodt: BURNED
AlecBoy006: FUCK YOU
isthatagoodt: LIFE = RUINED
rshepherd1000: ~Q~
SupaOdin: bahahaha
COME as u r337: ~Q~
SupaOdin: ~Q~ indeed
isthatagoodt: ~Q~
SupaOdin: omg its getting better
SupaOdin: yay
SupaOdin: anddd ~Q~
ID #8
Occurred: 20 Mar 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (5:41:52 PM): Fac!
Washed Up Gamer (5:41:54 PM): 59
GoldenJ007 (5:41:55 PM): 49
Washed Up Gamer (5:42:09 PM): ?
GoldenJ007 (5:42:16 PM): I have 49 in my taped run I put online too
Washed Up Gamer (5:42:23 PM): you really got 49?
GoldenJ007 (5:42:27 PM): ....Yes
Washed Up Gamer (5:42:35 PM): i'm speechless
GoldenJ007 (5:42:32 PM): Not the first time
GoldenJ007 (5:42:37 PM): On an Agent r un
Washed Up Gamer (5:42:43 PM): shut up on the bragging for one @#%$ second
Washed Up Gamer (5:42:45 PM): and let me compliment you
Washed Up Gamer (5:42:47 PM): hesitantly
Washed Up Gamer (5:42:48 PM): jesus christ
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