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ID #558
Occurred: 27 Feb 2012
Submitted: 29 Feb 2012, 10:56 PM
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*NASCAR crash sets the track on fire during the Daytona 500*
(22:36:59) wheatrich: track's kinda destroyed over there
(22:37:05) GoldenJ007: Destroyed and it's late and it's MONDAY
(22:37:07) wheatrich: and JET FUEL + sparks
(22:46:30) isthatagoodt: surely they're still an hour from racing again if they do
(22:46:35) Karl Dark 64: anyone injured?
(22:47:00) GoldenJ007: No confirmed injuries
(22:49:11) Karl Dark 64: my dick injured your mum last night
(22:51:13) ShadowZeroPD: it probably injured her eye sight when she strained them to see it
ID #197
Occurred: 22 Sep 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(01:56:52) The Ad Killer: why did he leave me alive? perhaps someday we'll find out.
(01:56:54) The Ad Killer: but not today.
(01:56:57) Obfuscation No2: More importantly, why are you talking to yourself?
(01:57:04) The Ad Killer: I'm talking to you.
(01:57:05) TheFederalPolice entered the room.
(01:57:06) TheFederalPolice: *shoots Ad Killer*
(01:57:08) TheFederalPolice left the room.
(01:57:12) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: ouch!
(01:57:18) The Ad Killer: hey!
(01:57:21) Neo1337: Fly by shooting!
(01:57:49) The Ad Killer: *dies*
(01:58:00) The Ad Killer: my only regret...
(01:58:03) The Ad Killer: ...is that...
(01:58:06) The Ad Killer: ...I got shot...
(01:58:09) The Ad Killer left the room.
ID #243
Occurred: 26 Nov 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (5:48:16 PM): where were YOU?
Neo1337 (5:48:24 PM): Noosa.
Im Ngamer (5:52:15 PM): No, sir?
Im Ngamer (5:52:19 PM): just tell me where you went!
Neo1337 (5:52:28 PM): I told you, Noosa.
Im Ngamer (5:52:41 PM): stop talking like Jar Jar Binks, and tell me where you went
Neo1337 (5:53:05 PM): Fine, I went north for 2 hours to some resort to visit my friends, ok?
Im Ngamer (5:53:35 PM): messa happy with that response
ID #310
Occurred: Apr 07 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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NathanStinson: im eating...... soup!
TehSoopMaestro: You're what?
BloodE of Sorrow: nates eating you out, soop
ID #69
Occurred: Jul 04 2003
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldenGreg007: i give up on streets for now
GoldenGreg007: i'm getting needy for porn again
comeasur337: Masterbation PRs
comeasur337: can you beat 1:15?
comeasur337: i can get like.. 24 with lookdown
GoldenGreg007: (haha, new strat! 2 seconds)
GoldenGreg007: lookdown, lmao
GoldenGreg007: cruise control 8-)
GoldenGreg007: they do have like man dildos
GoldenGreg007: where you put your dick in it and it shakes i guess
GoldenGreg007: so i suppose that might help for wrs
GoldenGreg007: might not be allowed in the masterbation elite though
comeasur337: thats like a game shark
GoldenGreg007: kinda like a turbo controller
comeasur337: dickshark*
smurx god: guys, new thwacking record, :45, on tape, and plus I got some TTs
GoldenGreg007: lmfgao
GoldenGreg007: how many boosts did you have???
Cyber1166: if I know smurx, there were plenty of back boosts
smurx god: Unzipped pants at :02. Got a boner at :10 (I'm thinking :09 might be possible). First speech skip at :12. Recieved a boost from J-Lo saving a couple seconds. Back-boosts by Ben Affleck setting me back. and a :44.98 End Screen
ID #351
Occurred: 13 Jun 2006
Submitted: 31 Dec 1969, 7:00 PM
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COME as u r337 (5:31:56 PM): Got that router sorted, Neo?
Im Ngamer (5:32:17 PM): yeah, me and Come want to team up against you and Mg
Neo1337 (5:32:30 PM): Come plays SC?
Im Ngamer (5:32:34 PM): we'll be Team Cool, you guys can be Teamo
COME as u r337 (5:32:39 PM): Ha.
Regular Civilian (5:32:44 PM): :'(
Neo1337 (5:32:46 PM): Oh fuck you.
Regular Civilian (5:32:47 PM): *cuts self*
ID #441
Occurred: 6 Aug 2007
Submitted: 17 Aug 2007, 2:21 AM
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*Jimbo pulls into a gas station in Ohio, driving Ngamer and wheat*
Jimbo: Whoa, a gallon of Pepsi for 89 cents? I've got to do this!
*gets out of the car, walks into the wrong building*
*stumbles into right building, but is told he has to pick up his Pepsi from the stand outside*
wheat: Okay, this is just getting ridiculous.
*attempts to pay for 89 cent purchase with credit card. credit card machine breaks*
Ngamer: Well, he's done it. This is the new WR for longest Pepsi purchase.
*sits around another 5 minutes before finally paying with a dollar bill*
*FINALLY climbs back into the driver's seat with his Pepsi*
wheat: I guess we at least learned something... how many Jimbos does it take to buy a Pepsi?
Ngamer: Well, we might not know the exact answer, but it's sure as heck more than one.
ID #46
Occurred: 20 Dec 2003
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldenGreg007 (12:56:44 AM): and you smell like a kangaroo's pouch
GoldenGreg007 (12:56:48 AM): but we all have problems
Neo1337 (12:56:55 AM): that's because I tied my kangaroo up before
Neo1337 (12:56:59 AM): and he started licking me
GoldenGreg007 (12:57:02 AM): omfg
GoldenGreg007 (12:57:06 AM): you have a kangaroo really?
GoldenGreg007 (12:57:09 AM): please say yes!
Neo1337 (12:57:09 AM): yeah
Cyber1166 (12:57:24 AM): I thought you just kept them in the house?
Neo1337 (12:58:34 AM): we do, I had to put the kangaroo out
Neo1337 (12:58:41 AM): cause my cats kept ganging up on him
Neo1337 (12:58:44 AM): poor thing :(
Neo1337 (12:59:17 AM): we dress him up as Santa on Christmas
Neo1337 (12:59:20 AM): it's funny
Neo1337 (12:59:26 AM): the hats too big for him and he keeps running into shit
Neo1337 (12:59:56 AM): my brother gave him a bucket of liquor one day...
COME as u r337 (1:00:02 AM): hahahahha
Cyber1166 (1:00:13 AM): stick with the kangaroo stuff, you're on fire
COME as u r337 (1:00:15 AM): making up stories about a kangaroo you dont have is the coolest thing youve ever done neo
ID #203
Occurred: 23 Sep 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo1337 (10:48:44 PM): Are you hoping that Sylvia Platt girl fucks up horribly?
Im Ngamer (10:48:51 PM): the poet?
CieloAzor (10:48:56 PM): She's dead.
Im Ngamer (10:49:12 PM): yeah, how could she mess up?
Im Ngamer (10:49:17 PM): stop rotting?
ID #598
Occurred: 6 Jun 2019
Submitted: 6 Jun 2019, 11:39 PM
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[10:18 PM] Jimbo: Did you guys play poker last year?
[10:18 PM] Infilament: yes
[10:19 PM] Jimbo: Hmm, did anyone keep results of that by chance?
[10:19 PM] Infilament: doubt it
[10:19 PM] ~Ng: QB can tell you the hands from memory
[10:19 PM] Jimbo: QB lost 80 bucks the last time I played with him
[10:19 PM] Jimbo: He's got some work to do
[10:19 PM] Infilament: getting it all in with the best hand repeatedly didn't really help him, sadly
[10:19 PM] Jimbo: Never had the best hand iirc
[10:20 PM] Jimbo: Kept running into coolers
[10:20 PM] Infilament: his coolers were having the best hand and losing
[10:21 PM] Jimbo: Too bad Eddie hasn't played in a while
[10:21 PM] Jimbo: The legend of the b2b years with straight flushes
[10:22 PM] Jimbo: idk I still hold the quad sixes thing, TWICE in four hands, as my most-insane-thing-i've-witnessed in poker live
[10:22 PM] Infilament: indeed, the craziest thing i've ever seen in live poker
[10:23 PM] Jimbo: Lets be honest though the most insane hand in poker history is probably in the Casino Royale scene where Bond flips the nuts (straight flush)
[10:23 PM] Jimbo: Everyone else had a made hand too, crazy
[10:25 PM] kyleb30: Dang you watched casino Royale live?
[10:25 PM] kyleb30: Crazy
[10:26 PM] wheatrich: lol movie hands
[10:26 PM] Infilament: it was brutal, they played thousands of hours of poker until they got lucky enough with the cards for that scene
[10:26 PM] Jimbo: lol
[10:26 PM] Infilament: but that's the dedication it takes to make a good movie
[10:26 PM] Jimbo: The reactions were authentic
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