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ID #398
Occurred: 24 Oct 2003
Submitted: 13 Nov 2006, 6:23 PM
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COME as u r337 (5:25:43 PM): yeah.. you should definitely just skip school and stay in here all day Paul
COME as u r337 (5:25:53 PM): We'll teach you whats really goin on
COME as u r337 (5:26:18 PM): I'll handle cunnilingus.. Barber gets fellatio.. Biz is the anal expert
COME as u r337 (5:32:47 PM): jon is blowjobs
COME as u r337 (5:32:47 PM): giving
COME as u r337 (5:32:55 PM): not receiving
BiZiCHYLD (5:33:19 PM): there is a $5.00 class fee for bananas
BiZiCHYLD (5:33:34 PM): instructional bananas
COME as u r337 (5:33:37 PM): omg
COME as u r337 (5:33:41 PM): i can just see barber
COME as u r337 (5:33:44 PM): like.. andy dick from oldschool
COME as u r337 (5:33:48 PM): teaching the bj class
COME as u r337 (5:33:49 PM): hahahahah
BiZiCHYLD (5:33:57 PM): lol
BiZiCHYLD (5:34:46 PM): jons credentials are good
BiZiCHYLD (5:35:01 PM): he graduated at the top of his class from BJU
COME as u r337 (5:35:27 PM): graduated Cum Laude
COME as u r337 (5:35:46 PM): the valiDICKtorian
BiZiCHYLD (5:35:58 PM): omg
BiZiCHYLD (5:35:58 PM): stop
COME as u r337 (5:36:01 PM): haha
BiZiCHYLD (5:36:01 PM): it's too much
COME as u r337 (5:36:10 PM): the HEAD of the class
BiZiCHYLD (5:36:40 PM): you could say he was the PENIS of the school!
BiZiCHYLD (5:36:47 PM): err, wait
ID #293
Occurred: Apr 04 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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ShadowZeroPD (2:29:57 PM): New WR on the rankings! http://www.the-elite.net/GE/elite.htm (lemonparty.org)
CieloAzor (2:50:19 PM): That's no record!
CieloAzor (2:50:23 PM): I've had up to 6 old men at once!
ID #390
Occurred: 26 Sep 2006
Submitted: 25 Sep 2006, 7:07 PM
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Cyber1166 (00:04:26): 12. Zelda - Blood
Cyber1166 (00:04:30): 13. Link - Lark
Cyber1166 (00:04:47): 14. Young Link - Vick
Cyber1166 (00:05:04): 15. Pikachu - Shep
Cyber1166 (00:05:16): 16. Jigglypuff - PDO
Cyber1166 (00:05:32): 17. Bond - Marth
BloodE of Sorrow (00:05:36): 17?
RyanWhiteGoose (00:05:39): 17?
Cyber1166 (00:05:43): uh oh! one too many characters!
Cyber1166 (00:05:48): we'll have to have a playin!
Rshepherd1000 (00:05:51): playin between bloode and bond!
BloodE of Sorrow (00:05:59): nope!
Cyber1166 (00:06:01): QB, roll 1 17 sided die
Cyber1166 (00:06:07): the number picked will be in the playin
OnlineHost (00:06:14): CieloAzor rolled 1 17-sided die: 12
RyanWhiteGoose (00:06:17): yay
Cyber1166 (00:06:18): 12!
BloodE of Sorrow (00:06:18): fucking
BloodE of Sorrow (00:06:19): CUNT
CieloAzor (00:06:24): haha
BloodE of Sorrow (00:06:24): what the fuck are the chances?
RyanWhiteGoose (00:06:24): hahaha
CieloAzor (00:06:25): ownt
BloodE of Sorrow (00:06:26): I mean really
Cyber1166 (00:06:26): it's Zelda/Blood!
ID #502
Occurred: 28 Apr 2009
Submitted: 28 Apr 2009, 3:29 PM
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RedBullPD (13:11:28): watch'd
RedBullPD (13:11:33): time to celebrate with 24 etc etc
RedBullPD (13:11:36): din mor last night
RedBullPD (13:11:44): there, you can stay idle for 5 hours now jim
ShadowZeroPD (13:14:05): I'm soooooooooo drunk
ShadowZeroPD (13:14:10): there, you can stay idle for 50 years
ID #10
Occurred: Mar 15 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (5:34:00 PM): yeah, my successor will either be YE, or, the guy who kills me
Im Ngamer (5:34:26 PM): and thus inherits my powers
Im Ngamer (5:35:17 PM): that would be great, if I got run over by a drunk tonight
Im Ngamer (5:35:23 PM): *thump*
Im Ngamer (5:35:28 PM): "what was that?"
Iricu One (5:35:44 PM): *shiny glow descends on the drunk*
Im Ngamer (5:35:46 PM): "hm... why do I feel like I have to update a 'POM'?"
Iricu One (5:36:21 PM): "I can hear something... what's that? It sounds like... whoarding?"
Im Ngamer (5:37:09 PM): no, I don't hear whoarding
Im Ngamer (5:37:14 PM): I can smell it
Iricu One (5:37:00 PM): Jack Thompson was just an ordinary guy, until he drunkenly ran over and inherited the powers of... The Eliter!
Iricu One (5:37:18 PM): Now, he devotes his life to maintaining the most accurate rankings in the universe!
Iricu One (5:37:28 PM): Jack Thompson is: L33T
Iricu One (5:37:46 PM): Guest starring Anthony Hopkins as the ghost of Jon Barber
ID #422
Occurred: 5 Apr 2007
Submitted: 11 Apr 2007, 9:59 PM
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HistoricToast (3:07:52 AM): theres not a music video for i'm not sick but I'm not well on youtube other than anime!
octoinky (3:08:40 AM): by lit?
HistoricToast (3:08:43 AM): no octo, by Harvey Danger
octoinky (3:08:52 AM): cant help you there! though i think i saw it on MTV like 5 yrs ago ;-)
HistoricToast (3:08:58 AM): funny guy
HistoricToast (3:09:42 AM): Also, all mtv shows is cribs and pimp my ride.
octoinky (3:09:50 AM): MTV sucks so bad
HistoricToast (3:09:55 AM): it's like
HistoricToast (3:09:58 AM): YO YO YO MUSIC TV
HistoricToast (3:10:01 AM): BUT FIRST
ID #61
Occurred: Feb 02 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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ShadowZeroPD (10:18:29 AM): wtf is up with my pd page?
ShadowZeroPD (10:18:36 AM): http://www.geocities.com/ShadowZero64/ (link to lemonparty.org)
Im Ngamer (10:30:43 AM): well SZ, it could possibly be a problem with the HTML
Im Ngamer (10:30:58 AM): you know, if you try to change the color INSIDE of a time, it can ruin things
Im Ngamer (10:31:11 AM): let me do a quick scan of your code for you, and then-
Im Ngamer (10:31:13 AM): AHHHHH
Im Ngamer (10:31:19 AM): what are those men doing?!
COME as u r337 (10:31:38 AM): The same thing they were doing when you masturbated to that picture 10 minutes ago.
Im Ngamer (10:32:31 AM): hm... yeah, I guess so, now that I look more close
Im Ngamer (10:32:50 AM): I simply must stop being so horrified
ID #419
Occurred: 5 May 2005
Submitted: 2 Apr 2007, 12:43 PM
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MexicanHitList: ... sorry about the mexico thing i was baked and misread a reply
Wiff: Since you're new, I'll forgive you this time. The Elite doesn't approve of druggies.
Tyler: WIWF is gay. The Elite approves of drugs. Stupid nerds don't. But don't get me wrong, Mexican, you're a bigger homo than WIWF. I think what I'm trying to say is I'm better than every one.
Andrew: Hey, like wow, you just pooled all of your charm, wit and intelligence into one post. And it didn't amount to much.
ID #268
Occurred: Jan 22 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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BloodE of Sorrow (21:49:14): Darth Vader is Lukes Father!
CieloAzor (21:49:20): Fuck!
OLLE boll e007 (21:49:23): WHAT?
octoinky (21:49:24): dude you gotta spoiler that!
OLLE boll e007 (21:49:26): fuck you
Brian19King (21:49:27): YOU RUINED THE MOVIE
(21:49:27) OLLE boll e007 has left the room.
Regular Civilian (21:49:29): dude
Regular Civilian (21:49:33): Not cool.
CieloAzor (21:49:35): I've got the DVD sitting on my coffee table!
CieloAzor (21:49:39): Was gonna watch it after the games!
ID #105
Occurred: Feb 01 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (9:47:45 AM): the spoon bit, and the "SILLY HATS ONLY" bit, just cracked me up
Stickmansam 1024 (9:47:50 AM): the rest was strange
Im Ngamer (9:48:31 AM): and now, angry ticks fly out of my nipples! *loud drone*
Stickmansam 1024 (9:49:00 AM): yeha
Im Ngamer (9:58:09 AM): (not really, I was quoting the cartoon)
Im Ngamer (9:58:21 AM): oh wait
Stickmansam 1024 (9:58:33 AM): wrong box, eh
Im Ngamer (9:58:40 AM): no!
Im Ngamer (9:58:49 AM): dang it Sam, you close windows too soon
Stickmansam 1024 (9:59:58 AM): oh
Stickmansam 1024 (10:00:10 AM): well the angry tics thing was from the cartoon, I know
Im Ngamer (10:00:20 AM): yeah, not real life
Im Ngamer (10:00:25 AM): just a cartoon

Im Ngamer (9:59:04 AM): wait... or IS it?
Im Ngamer (9:59:16 AM): *chases small children*
Stickmansam 1024 (10:06:22 AM): what?
Im Ngamer (1:52:54 PM): pfft... don't tell me you close an IM window after only 2 days
Stickmansam 1024 (1:53:06 PM): indeed

Im Ngamer (7:42:42 PM): or AM I?
Im Ngamer (7:42:49 PM): *chases children*
Stickmansam 1024 (7:42:51 PM): or AM I what?
Im Ngamer (7:42:57 PM): DANG IT Sam
Stickmansam 1024 (7:43:04 PM): are you responding to a two-week-old conversation again?
Im Ngamer (7:43:08 PM): you close your IM boxes after just a week and a half?
Stickmansam 1024 (7:43:14 PM): YES

Im Ngamer (5:00:13 PM): *children running everywhere*
Stickmansam 1024 (5:01:30 PM): dude, it's like somebody puts you in cryo for one month in every two
Im Ngamer (5:01:44 PM): yes... something like that
Im Ngamer (5:01:51 PM): anyways, someday we'll finish that convo
Stickmansam 1024 (5:02:00 PM): quite frankly I doubt it
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