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ID #526
Occurred: 29 May 2010
Submitted: 29 May 2010, 3:48 AM
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2:44:13 infil12: i was the best man for a friend a few years ago
2:44:17 infil12: p neat experience
2:44:29 isthatagoodt: niiiice
2:44:33 historictoast: as in the best man he ever put his cock in?
2:44:44 imngamer: *jaw drops again*
2:44:59 infil12: and bloode wonders why he doesn't have any friends!
2:45:00 historictoast: careful infil might stick his dick in there
2:45:04 historictoast: though you'd want that wouldn't you
2:45:13 imngamer: *jaw drops even wider*
2:45:22 historictoast: don't give him that much credit
2:45:23 infil12: he asked me to drink the champagne during the toasts at the reception
2:45:30 infil12: which was the only thing that was a little meh
2:45:41 infil12: did it for his sake, though, p much the only time i've ever had alcohol
2:45:48 historictoast: so basically you're square
2:45:51 imngamer: dang, could have just faked it
2:45:56 infil12: i tried faking it
2:46:03 infil12: he caught me and said to drink it during the next toast, lol
2:46:25 historictoast: sounds super weird
2:46:29 historictoast: like everything
2:46:32 historictoast: you faking it is weird
2:46:36 historictoast: him confronting you about it is weird
2:46:54 isthatagoodt: dang, that would be kinda awkward
2:46:54 infil12: it wasn't a big deal
2:46:59 isthatagoodt: guess i'll just get water in mine
2:47:03 historictoast: i guess you sucking his cock in front of everyone was probably the weirdest part huh
2:47:12 infil12: i didn't chug it down or anything, just had a small sip at the next toast or two
2:47:16 historictoast: lmao
2:47:27 historictoast: omg
2:47:35 historictoast: i make myself cry with laughter
2:47:38 historictoast: that's what it's come to
2:47:44 historictoast: calling people gay on the internet and crying
ID #93
Occurred: Jun 12 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (16:44:33): Only two kinds of people come from Kokiri Forest - steers and queers. Which one are you, boy?
ID #266
Occurred: Jan 16 2000
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo26988 (6:17:56 PM): I'm gonna play monkey island 1 instead.
Neo26988 (6:18:00 PM): Solely for the sword fighting.
NathanStinson (6:32:42 PM): ...
CieloAzor (6:33:00 PM): Shut up, Nate.
NathanStinson (6:33:16 PM): ...?
CieloAzor (6:33:24 PM): Geez, quit yer yappin.
CieloAzor (6:33:37 PM): And don't ask so many stupid questions.
CieloAzor (6:41:03 PM): Now you're just sitting there like a slackjawed faggot.
COME as u r337 (7:13:39 PM): No, that's how he normally looks.
ID #492
Occurred: 6 Aug 2008
Submitted: 8 Aug 2008, 7:37 AM
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dragondragon18 (14:21:18): jim wants to leave a day earlier if possible
BluelineGoddess (14:21:37): just so there's only 3 of you in the van rofl
wheatrich (14:21:42): will anyone be there a day earlier?
dragondragon18 (14:21:53): well, we'd get there tuesday night
DKK5 (14:22:26): "Goddammit"
wheatrich (14:22:27): right but will anyone BE there
wheatrich (14:22:35): as in the weathertons
dragondragon18 (14:22:40): we will!
DKK5 (14:22:53): They can sleep in the van if nobody is there
DKK5 (14:23:00): Since there's only 3 people
wheatrich (14:23:13): not sure 3 would fit so well sleeping all at once
wheatrich (14:23:26): but the van can easily hold 4 I don't know what jim's problem is
BluelineGoddess (14:23:26): 3 people don't need much room
wheatrich (14:23:43): I think he wants to sleep on the way in/out
DKK5 (14:23:57): "You try keeping 4 people happy in the van *kicks you in the nuts*"
wheatrich (14:23:59): but there still should be some room for that given we're not taking sleeping stuff like last year
wheatrich (14:24:10): and by we I mean they
wheatrich (14:24:19): since I'm not going in the van
DKK5 (14:24:57): It seems like Jim wants this entire meet catered to his interests as much as possible
BluelineGoddess (14:25:18): much like he wants life catered to him as much as possible
wheatrich (14:25:47): he knows enough caterers
ID #442
Occurred: 20 Aug 2007
Submitted: 19 Aug 2007, 11:25 AM
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Neo26988 (1:19:07 AM): I just finished watching Final Destination
Neo26988 (1:19:09 AM): What a total mindfuck
Im Ngamer (1:20:26 AM): it's not that complicated...
Neo26988 (1:19:58 AM): Wha-?
Im Ngamer (1:20:33 AM): at least compared to Peach's Castle
Neo26988 (1:19:59 AM): No, no
Neo26988 (1:20:05 AM): It wasn't complicated at all
Neo26988 (1:20:12 AM): Sort of... annoying in one way
Im Ngamer (1:20:51 AM): I'll say, not even any platforms
Neo26988 (1:20:20 AM): A few bits were surprising, until I realised what was going on
Neo26988 (1:20:26 AM): Oh wait a second
Neo26988 (1:20:29 AM): Oh you!
Im Ngamer (1:21:07 AM): oh hoho!
ID #89
Occurred: Jun 04 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (9:43:49 PM): and then it reads
Im Ngamer (9:44:00 PM): Jon, Enjoy your present.
Im Ngamer (9:44:08 PM): Remember it when choosing POM's.
Im Ngamer (9:44:18 PM): (insert winking emoticon here)
Im Ngamer (9:44:26 PM): -Steve
Im Ngamer (9:44:49 PM): and then there's a postscript
Im Ngamer (9:45:00 PM): P.S. Jimbo's gay!
Neo26988 (9:44:58 PM): What was the present?
Neo26988 (9:45:00 PM): Penis?
Im Ngamer (9:45:14 PM): yes Neo, that's exactly what he mailed me
Im Ngamer (9:45:19 PM): do you miss it yet, Come?
COME as u r337 (9:45:26 PM): That wasn't mine.
Im Ngamer (9:45:39 PM): well, that takes a little of the magic out of it
COME as u r337 (9:45:36 PM): They didn't have an envelope big enough :(
ID #96
Occurred: Jun 13 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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octoinky (9:27:26 PM): then I'll start working toward elite --> king
katslover42 (9:28:58 PM): Does that arrow mean you like dick?
katslover42 (9:29:04 PM): Because that' susually what people use it for.
katslover42 (9:29:30 PM): People will know you as The Elite --> King
octoinky (9:30:29 PM): yeah, thats exactly what I meant
octoinky (9:30:30 PM): i like dick
octoinky (9:30:31 PM): brb, dinner
katslover42 (9:31:07 PM): Are you having dick?
ID #84
Occurred: Jan 01 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Look at me! I'm a gay bricklayer! Oh no, someone's dying over there! I'll go lay bricks all over them, thus making me important! I know a the cure for aids; laying bricks, of course! Geeze, if I didn't exist, the world would be NOTHING!
~ Tyler Probert
ID #210
Occurred: Oct 07 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(03:00:32) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: Magnesium
(03:00:37) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: good element
(03:00:43) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: not like that lousy tungsten
(03:00:49) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: I hate tungsten so much
ID #586
Occurred: 9 Jan 2015
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 9:04 PM
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(19:20:52) GoldenJimbo007: $1873 for engagement ring
(19:21:11) DrInvertigone: You bought Rachel an engagement ring?
(19:21:21) isthatagoodlinux: they're engaged to be married
(19:21:24) isthatagoodlinux: did you literally not know
(19:21:40) DrInvertigone: When was this
(19:21:44) isthatagoodlinux: two weeks ago
(19:22:09) DrInvertigone: I hate wedding talk. :-(
(19:23:34) DrInvertigone: I'm very sad right now.
(19:26:39) DrInvertigone: Hopefully I can put a ring around someone's finger when I get this St. Paul job and become a famous baseball broadcaster.
(19:32:40) DrInvertigone: I want the attention and my moment in the limelight. A wedding could give me that.
(19:33:01) isthatagoodlinux: erm, what
(19:33:09) Infil1212: a great reason to get married
(19:33:16) isthatagoodlinux: right now i am about as confused as i have ever EVER been EVER
(19:33:23) Infil1212: typically the wedding day is the bride's moment, for the record
(19:33:26) DrInvertigone: Well, that's one of the things I'd want to get married for.
(19:33:27) TopRogue7: the wedding day is the bride's moment in the limelight
(19:33:36) DrInvertigone: I'll make sure the spotlight is on me. No worries.
(19:33:42) isthatagoodlinux: wait
(19:33:47) isthatagoodlinux: what
(19:33:52) isthatagoodlinux: did he really just say that

(19:34:07) ngonhislaptop: wedding is a really, really expensive and inefficient way to get attention
(19:34:49) DrInvertigone: But I also know the glitz and the glamor of it. I'm sick of sitting in seats watching others get married. I can't wait until it's my time.
(19:35:13) Infil1212: so you want to get married because you get to throw a huge party and people celebrate you, NOT because you want a wife
(19:35:33) Infil1212: you can throw a huge party at any time though?
(19:35:40) DrInvertigone: I don't really do that.
(19:38:16) DrInvertigone: I ain't drinking if I ever have a wedding. That's for sure.
(19:38:31) DrInvertigone: I also have no plans to hold a bachelor party if I get married.
(19:38:45) GoldenJimbo007: Who the hell doesn't want a bachelor party
(19:38:57) DrInvertigone: Me, Jim.
(19:39:37) DrInvertigone: Speak for yourself. I tend to live in seclusion. So, the night before my wedding I would just relax at my place doing whatever, maybe watching baseball or playing my N64 or something. Better yet, maybe I'll be calling baseball on the radio.
(19:39:53) Infil1212: the night before your wedding you might be throwing up with nervousness
(19:40:05) isthatagoodlinux: imagine if you had a panic attack 5 minutes before your wedding
(19:40:13) isthatagoodlinux: because you were thinking about having a panic attack at your wedding
(19:40:19) Infil1212: lol

(19:40:37) Infil1212: what's wrong with a bachelor party, alec
(19:40:43) Infil1212: isn't this exactly the attention you want?
(19:40:52) Infil1212: a party someone else plans for you where all the focus is on you
(19:41:11) DrInvertigone: I'm not a party person. I plan on deejaying my own reception, too. No requests allowed.
(19:41:57) Infil1212: i've never heard of the groom DJing a party, usually they're busy doing wedding stuff?
(19:42:03) Infil1212: like cutting the cake and dancing with their new wife?
(19:42:07) DrInvertigone: Well I plan to make an exception here.
(19:42:18) DrInvertigone: I'll be deejaying and asking my wife to come up and dance during select songs I play.
(19:43:45) venisonvixen: Why wouldn't you give a DJ your playlist so you can spend time with the wife and guests?
(19:43:57) DrInvertigone: I like to do things myself.
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