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ID #528
Occurred: 11 Jun 2010
Submitted: 11 Jun 2010, 4:49 PM
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AlecBoy006 (3:37:00 PM): Area 51 looks confusing
AlecBoy006 (3:37:08 PM): I am watching a vid on youtube right now
l Am Dreamz (3:37:33 PM): reading alec's chat is like reading the most boring twitter account ever
AlecBoy006 (3:37:46 PM): I have a feeling you're gay for me.
AlecBoy006 (3:37:53 PM): I just have this feeling inside
Thiradell (3:38:31 PM): what
AlecBoy006 (3:38:55 PM): My explanation behind this reasoning is you never say anything kind about me, ever. Even if I am not directly talking to you. Many people try to hide their crushes by being mean to them.
l Am Dreamz (3:38:58 PM): i would be if you had anything resembling male genatalia
AlecBoy006 (3:39:13 PM): My penis, for one.
Thiradell (3:39:15 PM): lolol
Thiradell (3:39:27 PM): this cannot be happening
pylemire (3:39:28 PM): welp!
pylemire (3:39:40 PM): I have to leave unfortunately!
AlecBoy006 (3:39:31 PM): Of course you vehemently deny this, but I'm not expecting any different.
l Am Dreamz (3:39:46 PM): don't think i've denied it thus far
l Am Dreamz (3:39:54 PM): i want to fuck you roughly in the night, Alec
AlecBoy006 (3:40:11 PM): I wasn't expecting you to admit it!
AlecBoy006 (3:40:13 PM): You sick fuck
Thiradell (3:40:22 PM): Durk, that's nasty
l Am Dreamz (3:40:54 PM): i couldn't contain my attraction to you any longer
ID #190
Occurred: Sep 15 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (2:25:28 PM): I heard about this guy who broke into a lion's den at the zoo
Stickmansam 1024 (2:25:30 PM): and got mauled
Stickmansam 1024 (2:25:50 PM): and people were talking about how there should have been better defences put up to prevent people getting into the cage
Stickmansam 1024 (2:26:04 PM): a friend of mine remarked:
Stickmansam 1024 (2:26:11 PM): "Defences? There's a LION IN THE CAGE!"
Stickmansam 1024 (2:26:29 PM): "It doesn't get that much better defended!"
ID #119
Occurred: 29 Jun 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (11:06:31 PM): but who takes the bronze? why, none other than...
Im Ngamer (11:06:42 PM): Woll!
Neo1337 (11:06:46 PM): *h5's*
COME as u r337 (11:06:47 PM): man
Smashocracy (11:06:47 PM): nice
GoldenGreg007 (11:06:50 PM): omg
ShadowZeroPD (11:06:54 PM): SCORE ONE FOR THE RONMAN!
GoldenGreg007 (11:06:57 PM): i'm on a woll
ID #511
Occurred: 31 Jul 2009
Submitted: 31 Jul 2009, 3:34 AM
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Im Ngamer (2:19:25 AM): if I delete an RB1 song that I imported, is there a way to recover it back later?
isthatagoodt (2:19:49 AM): probably, since you still have the disc?
Infil12 (2:21:27 AM): i think there's a way, but it might involve deleting all the RB1 songs and reimporting them all
Infil12 (2:21:29 AM): not worth it imo
Im Ngamer (2:22:32 AM): just curious, because a friend of mine filled up his 20 GB hard drive the other night
Im Ngamer (2:22:39 AM): with nothing but Rock Band
isthatagoodt (2:22:42 AM): WHAT
Im Ngamer (2:22:45 AM): I believe he has... about 450 DLC songs
isthatagoodt (2:22:47 AM): that's crazy
isthatagoodt (2:22:50 AM): you have a FRIEND?
ID #375
Occurred: 28 Jul 2006
Submitted: 27 Jul 2006, 8:00 PM
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AlecBoy006 (00:57:45): I didn't get Depot 26. I was lookin for an excuse to post in the WR topic
BloodE of Sorrow (00:58:47): Ban alec for lying about times and being a total fucking retard and spamming the wr topic
AlecBoy006 (00:59:16): This was the only time I lied about though
BloodE of Sorrow (00:59:28): no excuses
BloodE of Sorrow (00:59:52): you can't lie and be a total stupid cunt at the same time
AlecBoy006 (00:59:59): Yes I can
ID #118
Occurred: 28 Jun 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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BadassFal: Fal Wars!
Chanc Falpatine has entered the room.
Darth Fal has entered the room.
Lando Falrissean has entered the room.
Obi Fal Kenobi has entered the room.
neo1337 has entered the room.
Fal Fal Binks has entered the room.
Falbacca has entered the room.
R2Fal2 has entered the room.
Fal3P0 has entered the room.
George Falcus has entered the room.
Queen AmiFala has entered the room.
(17:32:36) NgamerAtWork: morning Fal Wars
(17:33:39) Chanc Falpatine: morning jon
(17:33:39) Darth Fal: morning jon
(17:33:40) Lando Falrissean: morning jon
(17:33:41) Obi Fal Kenobi: morning jon
(17:33:41) neo1337: morning jon
(17:33:42) Fal Fal Binks: morning jon
(17:33:43) Falbacca: morning jon
(17:33:43) R2Fal2: morning jon
(17:33:43) Fal3P0: morning jon
(17:33:44) George Falcus: morning jon
(17:33:44) Queen AmiFala: morning jon
(17:34:09) NgamerAtWork: ha!
(17:34:26) BadassFal: ~Q~
ID #218
Occurred: Oct 16 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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MIG144MFI (8:17:47 PM): I sent in my apps to Case W and West Point today
Im Ngamer (8:18:12 PM): watch out Trent! they'll make you do pushups!
COME as u r337 (8:18:27 PM): Jon had to do a lot of pushups.
COME as u r337 (8:18:37 PM): With one of the instructors on his "back"
Im Ngamer (8:19:09 PM): well, sure, but it wasn't so bad for me
Im Ngamer (8:19:16 PM): the instructor had it worse
Im Ngamer (8:19:21 PM): 100 pushins
ID #493
Occurred: 10 Sep 2008
Submitted: 11 Sep 2008, 1:19 AM
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RyanWhiteGoose (11:05:47 PM): what IS Hadron?
JackOfWailing (11:06:39 PM): it's a part of a prticle
JackOfWailing (11:06:47 PM): sub-atomic particle
RyanWhiteGoose (11:12:15 PM): wow
holycatholique (11:14:52 PM): Hardon*
CieloAzor (11:15:17 PM): maybe your hardon is subatomic
ID #510
Occurred: 25 Jul 2009
Submitted: 24 Jul 2009, 6:57 PM
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AlecBoy006: How am I blocked from stats?
AlecBoy006: I just reported news.
AlecBoy006: That blows.
AlecBoy006: Brick abuses his power.
AlecBoy006: He does everything to spite me.
isthatagoodt: I've had requests from more than a handful of chat members to do this, and gave you more than enough chances to just SHUT THE FUCK UP
AlecBoy006: I'm fucking sick of you.
AlecBoy006: I swear
AlecBoy006: You're a no good piece of shit.
rshepherd1000: lolin
AlecBoy006: All I did was report something I saw from a website.
AlecBoy006: You said you would block me
AlecBoy006: If I mentioned stats again
AlecBoy006: And you know what?
AlecBoy006: I didn't.
isthatagoodt: ^Just did, sorry :-(
AlecBoy006: I kept my promise
AlecBoy006: Well.
AlecBoy006: I'm bringing up a point.
AlecBoy006: I still kept my promise.
AlecBoy006: I have NOT been talking about it.
AlecBoy006: God you're such a fucking faggot.
AlecBoy006: If anything
AlecBoy006: I think you're jealous
AlecBoy006: You were getting scared that I was moving on up.
isthatagoodt: LOL
AlecBoy006: It's true
AlecBoy006: I know it.
isthatagoodt: So you DID think it was a competition, didn't you!
AlecBoy006: No.
AlecBoy006: I didn't.
AlecBoy006: But that is my hypothesis.
isthatagoodt: You were getting scared that I was moving on up. <---- Yes
AlecBoy006: No.
AlecBoy006: Personally I couldn't care less.
AlecBoy006: And what would it take for me to get unbanned?
isthatagoodt: It cannot be undone
AlecBoy006: You're just abusing your power.
SupaOdin: lol do you realy care that much about it, alec?
AlecBoy006: I hate you so fucking much
AlecBoy006: You're a fucking faggot
AlecBoy006: NO GOOD
isthatagoodt: Chat stats were his LIFE
AlecBoy006: PIECE
AlecBoy006: OF
isthatagoodt: Now his life is
AlecBoy006: SHIT
isthatagoodt: BLOCKED
AlecBoy006: FUCK YOU
isthatagoodt: BURNED
AlecBoy006: FUCK YOU
isthatagoodt: LIFE = RUINED
rshepherd1000: ~Q~
SupaOdin: bahahaha
COME as u r337: ~Q~
SupaOdin: ~Q~ indeed
isthatagoodt: ~Q~
SupaOdin: omg its getting better
SupaOdin: yay
SupaOdin: anddd ~Q~
ID #593
Occurred: 16 Aug 2015
Submitted: 16 Aug 2015, 5:18 PM
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Rating: 2.857/4 (7 votes)
(4:11:15 PM) COME as u r337: eagles wont be kicking FGs all year anyways
(4:11:22 PM) TopRogue7: teeeebs
(4:11:45 PM) DKK5: Thank goodness he's white
(4:13:11 PM) TopRogue7: Too bad that's not true of everyone.
(4:13:20 PM) DKK5: :[
(4:13:52 PM) Jim Barrett: That's why VA meets are great
(4:13:54 PM) Jim Barrett: Everyone is white
(4:14:21 PM) stinsonlaptop: lol
(4:14:27 PM) DKK5: lol
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