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ID #444
Occurred: 5 Sep 2007
Submitted: 8 Sep 2007, 4:45 AM
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dragondragon18 (9:54:03 PM): you missed alecs gf yesterday, infil
Infil12 (9:54:13 PM): alec's gf?
Infil12 (9:54:26 PM): that can't stand for girlfriend
dragondragon18 (9:54:27 PM): supposedly!
DKK5 (9:54:41 PM): Alec doesn't even have an f
ID #500
Occurred: 15 Apr 2009
Submitted: 15 Apr 2009, 3:45 AM
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PYLemire (2:30:23 AM): I'm pretty bad at starting convos QB :P
PYLemire (2:30:30 AM): plus I'm eating ;-)
CieloAzor (2:31:11 AM): all right, what are you having?
PYLemire (2:34:03 AM): chicken!
CieloAzor (2:34:24 AM): I heard you are what you eat
CieloAzor (2:34:26 AM): any truth to that?
CieloAzor (2:34:59 AM): I guess that makes Glen a pussy
PYLemire (2:34:59 AM): yeah
PYLemire (2:35:12 AM): and Goose a dick?
SupaOdin (2:35:14 AM): guess that makes jimbo an everything?
ID #559
Occurred: 1 Jun 2012
Submitted: 5 Jun 2012, 12:38 AM
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(23:05:49) Infil12: kinda feel a bit like playing Balderdash tonight
(23:06:40) venisonvixen: Jim and I can do that
(23:06:54) Infil12: i'm scared to think of all that you and jimbo can do :-(
(23:07:07) alecboy006: You mean like, them and doing a certain c word?
(23:07:08) Infil12: lol
(23:07:21) isthatagoodlinux: chinups?
(23:07:30) Infil12: chess?
(23:07:38) isthatagoodlinux: cleaning?
(23:07:39) GoldenJimbo007: cello?
(23:07:41) DKK5: certain?
(23:08:03) venisonvixen: cooking?
(23:10:09) isthatagoodlinux: cunnilingus?
(23:11:59) GoldenJimbo007: Try having a nose like mine and doing cullinginus
(23:12:01) GoldenJimbo007: p impossible
(23:12:05) venisonvixen: :(
(23:12:08) Thiradell: uuuuuuuuuuugh
(23:12:09) Ngameratwork: SON OF A
(23:12:32) Ngameratwork: requesting a one week Chat ban for Jim
(23:12:32) alecboy006: What is that?
(23:12:42) TopRogue7: you're right jim, you should stick to fellatio
ID #118
Occurred: Jun 28 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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BadassFal: Fal Wars!
Chanc Falpatine has entered the room.
Darth Fal has entered the room.
Lando Falrissean has entered the room.
Obi Fal Kenobi has entered the room.
neo26989 has entered the room.
Fal Fal Binks has entered the room.
Falbacca has entered the room.
R2Fal2 has entered the room.
Fal3P0 has entered the room.
George Falcus has entered the room.
Queen AmiFala has entered the room.
(17:32:36) NgamerAtWork: morning Fal Wars
(17:33:39) Chanc Falpatine: morning jon
(17:33:39) Darth Fal: morning jon
(17:33:40) Lando Falrissean: morning jon
(17:33:41) Obi Fal Kenobi: morning jon
(17:33:41) neo26989: morning jon
(17:33:42) Fal Fal Binks: morning jon
(17:33:43) Falbacca: morning jon
(17:33:43) R2Fal2: morning jon
(17:33:43) Fal3P0: morning jon
(17:33:44) George Falcus: morning jon
(17:33:44) Queen AmiFala: morning jon
(17:34:09) NgamerAtWork: ha!
(17:34:26) BadassFal: ~Q~
ID #393
Occurred: 17 Oct 2006
Submitted: 14 Oct 2006, 9:42 PM
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Neo26988 (8:12:44 PM): Here's a myspace bulletin I just got (I know, myspace, ugh)
Neo26988 (8:12:55 PM): Take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with "Orgasm".
Im Ngamer (8:17:26 PM): 12 Angry Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:17:38 PM): that might actually be better than the original!
Im Ngamer (8:18:22 PM): Raiders of the Lost Orgasm
Neo26988 (8:18:41 PM): Silent Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:18:50 PM): Schindler's Orgasm
Neo26988 (8:18:51 PM): A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Orgasm
Neo26988 (8:19:03 PM): An Orgasm To Remember
CieloAzor (8:19:13 PM): Orgasm Wars
Neo26988 (8:19:19 PM): The Passion of the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:19:24 PM): Mr. Smith Goes to Orgasm
Neo26988 (8:19:31 PM): Eyes Wide Orgasm
Neo26988 (8:19:35 PM): Gone In 60 Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:19:49 PM): I prefer Orgasm Wide Open
Im Ngamer (8:20:50 PM): Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:20:59 PM): Orgasm of the Apes
CieloAzor (8:21:22 PM): Orgasm Wood
CieloAzor (8:21:45 PM): Little Miss Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:22:21 PM): Anatomy of An Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:22:29 PM): V For Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:22:48 PM): Sweet Smell of Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:23:11 PM): Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:23:45 PM): The Orgasm Who Shot Liberty Valance
CieloAzor (8:24:12 PM): Rear Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:25:03 PM): Orgasm Me if You Can
Im Ngamer (8:26:21 PM): or Catch Me If You Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:26:30 PM): Joe Versus the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:27:33 PM): An Inconvenient Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:27:56 PM): A Few Good Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:28:39 PM): He Orgasms, She Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:29:59 PM): Surviving the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:31:34 PM): Die Hard: With An Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:34:24 PM): Mighty Morphin' Power Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:34:50 PM): Dead Man Orgasming
CieloAzor (8:34:57 PM): Intolerable Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:35:12 PM): Very Bad Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:35:46 PM): Shall We Orgasm?
CieloAzor (8:36:41 PM): The Orgasms of Extraordinary Gentlemen
ID #202
Occurred: Sep 23 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (3:12:43 PM): everyone is competing in the No Film-Off, kats
Im Ngamer (3:13:35 PM): all you do is start here: http://imdb.com/chart/top
Im Ngamer (3:13:40 PM): and then, of the Top 250
Im Ngamer (3:13:46 PM): count how many you have seen
katslover42 (3:22:42 PM): 56
katslover42 (3:23:02 PM): Might have been 57, because when glancing I noticed Sideways, but don't remember seeing it when counting down
Im Ngamer (3:23:19 PM): maybe if you tilted your head?
ID #50
Occurred: Dec 29 2003
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Cereal Fetish (2:34:42 AM): Better than sex
Cereal Fetish (2:34:45 AM): With a watermelon
Was He DUpgamer (2:34:54 AM): *pondering*
Cereal Fetish (2:35:08 AM): Not...that...I've ever done...that sort of thing
Cyber1166 (2:35:25 AM): hm... I suppose... after you already cut it in half
Cereal Fetish (2:35:39 AM): Over the summer there was a huge bin of them in the back room of my job
Cyber1166 (2:35:41 AM): it'd be pretty hard otherwise
Cereal Fetish (2:35:44 AM): I was like...*idea*
Cereal Fetish (2:35:50 AM): I could eat them all!
Was He DUpgamer (2:35:58 AM): LOL
Was He DUpgamer (2:36:06 AM): misdirection
Was He DUpgamer (2:36:17 AM): and no... you couldn't
Cereal Fetish (2:36:25 AM): I know...that's what made me sad
Was He DUpgamer (2:36:33 AM): so you raped them
Was He DUpgamer (2:36:39 AM): instead
Was He DUpgamer (2:36:42 AM): bcs of the frustration
Cereal Fetish (2:36:45 AM): And I could do that to all of them
Was He DUpgamer (2:36:54 AM): and you taped on a drawing you made on a napkin of ...Neo
Cereal Fetish (2:37:17 AM): Yeah, it was in pretty bad shape after the first few thrusts
Was He DUpgamer (2:37:18 AM): and you said "who's "the one" NOW bitch!!!"
Cereal Fetish (2:37:27 AM): so i started drawing directly on the watermelons themselves
Was He DUpgamer (2:37:40 AM): what a visual
Was He DUpgamer (2:37:45 AM): watermelons with smily faces
Was He DUpgamer (2:37:52 AM): or like...
Was He DUpgamer (2:37:55 AM): O faces
Cyber1166 (2:37:58 AM): oh, it wasn't the faces he drew
Was He DUpgamer (2:38:15 AM): NICE.
Was He DUpgamer (2:38:27 AM): *throws tact on floor and steps on it*
Was He DUpgamer (2:38:30 AM): that won't be coming back
ID #212
Occurred: Aug 03 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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CieloAzor (4:39:38 AM): http://www.mastersgames.com/images/skittles/skittles-mat.jpg
CieloAzor (4:39:43 AM): http://www.karem.com/images/smokeb.jpg
Im Ngamer (10:21:37 AM): there are 11 though!
Im Ngamer (10:21:41 AM): but ok, noted
CieloAzor (10:22:29 AM): Hmm...finding a pic of exactly 10 hams was tough.
Im Ngamer (10:22:45 AM): understandable
CieloAzor (10:22:47 AM): I think it depends on what you're counting there.
CieloAzor (10:23:05 AM): Did you count the plate of ham sandwiches?
Im Ngamer (10:23:18 AM): the smallest one looks like it could be three small hams in one
CieloAzor (10:23:21 AM): Or the bag of smaller ham chunks?
Im Ngamer (10:23:30 AM): yes, there are several ways to tally these hams
ID #532
Occurred: 26 Aug 2010
Submitted: 26 Aug 2010, 6:46 PM
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HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (16:44:28): my first date was walking around for 30 minutes not saying anything back in grade 8
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (16:44:37): she broke up with me the next day
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (16:44:42): not much has changed
COME as u r337 (16:44:52): you're still trying to date 8th graders?
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