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ID #412
Occurred: 6 Feb 2007
Submitted: 6 Feb 2007, 6:32 PM
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BloodE of Sorrow (9:54:50 PM): QBs jealous of my new computer
CieloAzor (9:57:29 PM): I'm jealous of your style, Blood.
Im Ngamer (10:11:50 PM): I'm jealous of his mad skeeels
ID #189
Occurred: Sep 13 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo26988 (12:49:57 AM): Here comes Jon.
Im Ngamer (12:50:04 AM): ta da!
Neo26988 (12:50:08 AM): God I'm good.
YourGirlChica (12:50:16 AM): its like magic neo
CieloAzor (12:50:30 AM): But you didn't see me coming!
YourGirlChica (12:50:54 AM): I saw you coming Cielo.
CieloAzor (12:51:20 AM): Eek, you saw that?
CieloAzor (12:51:32 AM): I thought I had the drapes closed!
ID #506
Occurred: 28 Jun 2009
Submitted: 30 Jun 2009, 2:48 AM
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GoldenJimbo007 (2:17:32 AM): Titanic = Infil's penis
GoldenJimbo007 (2:17:55 AM): A lot of similarities
SupaOdin (2:17:55 AM): jimbo is obsessed with it?
Regular Mg (2:18:04 AM): they made a movie about it?
GoldenJimbo007 (2:18:14 AM): it's been sitting idle in a deep dark place for years?
Infil12 (2:18:34 AM): it ran into an iceberg and broke in half?
CieloAzor (2:19:00 AM): lots of people rode on it?
CieloAzor (2:19:03 AM): both men and women?
Infil12 (2:19:09 AM): and children
SupaOdin (2:19:15 AM): oh my
GoldenJimbo007 (2:19:15 AM): and 6 dogs!
GoldenJimbo007 (2:19:27 AM): Three of which survived!
Im Ngamer (2:19:35 AM): there weren't enough rubbers to go around, so only the women and children got them?
Infil12 (2:19:47 AM): the captain went down on the ship?
GoldenJimbo007 (2:20:32 AM): Distress calls were heard and the nearest rescue was hours away?
Infil12 (2:20:35 AM): jim would pay good money to see it?
CieloAzor (2:20:42 AM): thousands of men and women rode it and they all went down on it?
Regular Mg (2:20:56 AM): not all of them
Regular Mg (2:21:08 AM): there were some survivors
GoldenJimbo007 (2:21:17 AM): All of whom are dead now
Im Ngamer (2:24:30 AM): it takes a $500,000 robot to get a piece of the action these days?
CieloAzor (2:24:31 AM): the poopdeck was the last place to get filled?
CieloAzor (2:27:03 AM): it had a memorable cameo in Ghostbusters II?
Infil12 (2:27:56 AM): millions of people paid $10 to spend 3 hours with it?
Infil12 (2:28:18 AM): kate winslet went topless on it?
CieloAzor (2:29:48 AM): it would take a crew of hundreds and a billion dollar budget just to lift it?
Infil12 (2:30:08 AM): it's been submerged in fluids for decades?
Infil12 (2:30:37 AM): its maiden voyage was also its last?
CieloAzor (2:30:48 AM): crabs live on it?
CieloAzor (2:31:56 AM): it's been out of use for so long that it's turning to dust?
Infil12 (2:33:58 AM): people who stowed away on it wished they hadn't?
Infil12 (2:35:46 AM): people spent four days on it before the first sign of trouble?
Infil12 (2:36:30 AM): it spent most of its life erect?
GoldenJimbo007 (2:37:40 AM): It was powered by a triple-screw system?
Infil12 (2:37:59 AM): it was doing fine until it took on a little water?
Regular Mg (2:38:05 AM): It had a capacity of over 1,000 people?
GoldenJimbo007 (2:38:44 AM): It couldn't support itself long when standing at a high angle?
Infil12 (2:39:50 AM): people think they're flying when they ride on the tip of it?
GoldenJimbo007 (2:40:14 AM): It has a popular simulation video made around its maiden voyage?
Infil12 (2:41:34 AM): it was considered indestructible until it ran into something else hard?
Regular Mg (2:42:27 AM): People have spent the past half hour commenting on it in an AIM chatroom?
ID #413
Occurred: 18 Feb 2007
Submitted: 18 Feb 2007, 2:07 PM
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CieloAzor: Ugh, what's with these Britney Spears headlines all the time.
CieloAzor: She's just famous for being famous now.
ShadowZeroPD: no idea, but I ignore them
ShadowZeroPD: if I wanted to look at trash I would open the garbage can
ID #322
Occurred: Apr 16 2000
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (12:38:34 AM): we should make an FPS multiplayer version of the training games from Ender's Game
Im Ngamer (12:40:44 AM): I bet it would be easy enough to run on the Half-Life Source engine
Infil12 (12:50:49 AM): you can't just take the Source source
Im Ngamer (12:51:23 AM): you're right infil... we might have to outsource the Source source first
Im Ngamer (12:51:46 AM): then again, are you sure we can't?
Im Ngamer (12:52:01 AM): I'd like to see your source on the Source source rumor
CieloAzor (12:52:51 AM): I think you'd be surprised by what Jon can do.
CieloAzor (12:53:04 AM): They don't call him The Sorcerer for nothing.
ID #290
Occurred: Apr 01 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Mr Koopa (12:13:06 PM): Haha, dude
Mr Koopa (12:13:14 PM): I always thought Wouter was like his actual name
Im Ngamer (12:39:24 PM): well the issue is whether the Swedish urban slang was named after him, or the other way around
Im Ngamer (12:39:32 PM): kind of a, what came first, the chicken or the egg
Mr Koopa (12:40:13 PM): Ahh. 'cause if that's his actual name, you guys totally should not have to listen to them. I mean, it's his NAME, you can't copyright somebody else's name
Im Ngamer (12:44:11 PM): hm, I'm not sure about that... would I be allowed to hold on to georgebush.com if that were my real name?
Im Ngamer (12:44:25 PM): or would they find some way to force me out
Mr Koopa (12:45:38 PM): Well, that's a bit different. By taking that website, you prevent anyone else from using that name
Im Ngamer (12:46:14 PM): but if it's just search results, you don't think they have a leg to stand on?
Mr Koopa (12:46:30 PM): But they're still free to have wouterjansen.com as their website. They don't have a toe to stand on
Mr Koopa (12:47:04 PM): I mean, it's not like people can't actually access their site because of yours
Im Ngamer (12:47:22 PM): well that's one way to see it... if they're that concerned, I guess they could pay to be a google paid sponsor
Im Ngamer (12:47:33 PM): so they're the first result when that search is made
Mr Koopa (12:47:37 PM): Yeah, or actually have a site worth linking to
Mr Koopa (12:47:49 PM): So that it shows up higher on the list
Mr Koopa (12:49:11 PM): Especially if your site's been around longer than theirs. If it has, then it's proof that you weren't doing it just to sabotage their site, they should have known better
Im Ngamer (12:50:14 PM): ok... I wish Clark's lawyer would have explained it this way
Mr Koopa (12:51:23 PM): Heh, law? I don't know anything about law. What I know is damn common sense :P
Im Ngamer (12:53:45 PM): alright... we'll keep this in mind as we move ahead
ID #115
Occurred: 10 Jan 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (02:23:25): http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1732699
Stickmansam 1024 (02:34:54): SCIENCE COOKING?
Stickmansam 1024 (02:35:07): Never have two words sounded so good together
Stickmansam 1024 (02:35:19): Except perhaps "The reactor-!"
katslover42 (02:35:34): "Who are-!"
COME as u r337 (02:35:47): Heh
Obfuscation314 (02:35:59): "That's not-!"
Stickmansam 1024 (02:36:06): "But surely-!"
katslover42 (02:36:30): "The goggles-!"
Stickmansam 1024 (02:36:51): "My suit-!"
katslover42 (02:37:00): "No, don't-!"
katslover42 (02:37:12): "Not my-!"
katslover42 (02:37:37): "The blowfish-!"
Stickmansam 1024 (02:38:01): heheheheh
Stickmansam 1024 (02:38:11): we spent an entire evening thinking these up actually
katslover42 (02:38:13): "This orgasm-!"
Obfuscation314 (02:38:22): "Something smells-!"
katslover42 (02:38:49): "Poison lip-!"
Stickmansam 1024 (02:39:10): "Dead? But-"
katslover42 (02:39:11): "Blood in-!"
katslover42 (02:39:33): "We found-!"
Obfuscation314 (02:39:49): "The government-!"
Stickmansam 1024 (02:39:49): "My eyes-!"
katslover42 (02:39:59): "Life ends-!"
katslover42 (02:40:37): "John McClain-!"
Stickmansam 1024 (02:41:08): "McClane, you-!"
Stickmansam 1024 (02:42:16): "Luthor? But-"
katslover42 (02:42:45): "Kryptonite Condom-!"
katslover42 (02:46:14): "I'm allergic-!"
COME as u r337 (02:46:21): I have one for YE...
COME as u r337 (02:46:31): "Control, Alt,-!"
katslover42 (02:46:57): "The Ring-!"
katslover42 (02:48:13): "Captain, we've-!"
ID #27
Occurred: 15 Mar 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (3:53:40 PM): My phone number is 0123 456 7890
Stickmansam 1024 (3:53:57 PM): You would not believe the amount of idiots who call me
COME as u r337 (3:54:24 PM): like.. your parents?
COME as u r337 (3:54:26 PM): and friends?
Stickmansam 1024 (3:55:26 PM): yeah
Stickmansam 1024 (3:56:01 PM): some random guy calls me, "Hey son, how's college going?" I'm like "dude, get the hell off my phone"
ID #414
Occurred: 26 Feb 2007
Submitted: 25 Feb 2007, 7:38 PM
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(12:18:23 AM) AlecBoy006 has entered the room.
AlecBoy006 (12:18:33 AM): Ok, I'm calling out Jon Barber.
AlecBoy006 (12:19:05 AM): Ok, Jon. What are you hiding?
Im Ngamer (12:19:27 AM): my secret life as a rapist?
Infil12 (12:19:46 AM): ... that explains a lot.
Infil12 (12:19:58 AM): including your many rapes.
Im Ngamer (12:20:06 AM): yes, those especially
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