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ID #503
Occurred: 4 Jun 2009
Submitted: 4 Jun 2009, 2:25 AM
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RyanWhiteGoose (1:19:00 AM): Scott
isthatagoodt (1:19:04 AM): Yes?
RyanWhiteGoose (1:19:04 AM): try watching Armageddon with Sophia
isthatagoodt (1:19:09 AM): And...?
RyanWhiteGoose (1:19:12 AM): see who cries first
isthatagoodt (1:19:13 AM): Love that movie btw
Infil12 (1:20:01 AM): i cried when i watched armageddon, i'm not going to lie
Infil12 (1:20:09 AM): i couldn't believe the horrible physics i was watching
ID #61
Occurred: Feb 02 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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ShadowZeroPD (10:18:29 AM): wtf is up with my pd page?
ShadowZeroPD (10:18:36 AM): http://www.geocities.com/ShadowZero64/ (link to lemonparty.org)
Im Ngamer (10:30:43 AM): well SZ, it could possibly be a problem with the HTML
Im Ngamer (10:30:58 AM): you know, if you try to change the color INSIDE of a time, it can ruin things
Im Ngamer (10:31:11 AM): let me do a quick scan of your code for you, and then-
Im Ngamer (10:31:13 AM): AHHHHH
Im Ngamer (10:31:19 AM): what are those men doing?!
COME as u r337 (10:31:38 AM): The same thing they were doing when you masturbated to that picture 10 minutes ago.
Im Ngamer (10:32:31 AM): hm... yeah, I guess so, now that I look more close
Im Ngamer (10:32:50 AM): I simply must stop being so horrified
ID #459
Occurred: 5 Jan 2008
Submitted: 6 Jan 2008, 6:35 AM
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(11:42:03) DarkOttoPD has entered the room.
RedBullPD (11:42:11): we have a d
RedBullPD (11:42:14): we have an a
RedBullPD (11:42:16): we have a r
(11:42:20) DarkOttoPD has left the room.
RedBullPD (11:42:27): we dont have anything anymore
ID #362
Occurred: 25 Jun 2006
Submitted: 26 Jun 2006, 1:46 PM
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l34ss l3oost: ive dated 2 bi girls
octoinky: at once, alex?
l34ss l3oost: actually
l34ss l3oost: weird story
l34ss l3oost: they dated after our relationships
holycatholique: as in
holycatholique: each other?
l34ss l3oost: yes
holycatholique: bwahahaha
Infil12: did you get any footage of this?
ID #495
Occurred: 28 Dec 2008
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:09 AM
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[23:46] GoldenJ007: Wondering if I should go shovel out Lambeau Field tomorrow
[23:46] GoldenJ007: $8/hr
[23:47] GoldenJ007: Gotta be there at 8 AM though bah
[23:47] GoldenJ007: Jon you should drive up here and shovel lambeau, make some money, and borrow me MKWii
[00:08] NgamerAtWork: nay, I like the idea of you getting Kart at the theater more
[00:08] GoldenJ007: I don't!
[00:09] NgamerAtWork: too bad, we have a date!
[00:10] BluelineGoddess: who's buying the popcorn?
[00:11] GoldenJ007: Obv Jon
[00:13] NgamerAtWork: well I'll get some if Jim wants, but I'll get it for free
[00:16] BluelineGoddess: we should take bets on who does the yawn-stretch thing first
[00:17] wheatrich: man even I can't keep the frown through dayle's comments
[00:17] BluelineGoddess: sorry for ruining your bad mood, wheatie
[00:18] wheatrich: I know I hate you for it
ID #236
Occurred: Nov 15 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(17:29:32) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: So I have an interview
(17:29:38) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: at Goldman Sachs in London
(19:17:27) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: now, Gold Mansacks, what is that exactly?
(19:17:40) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: I visited their website, but it was less than helpful
(19:18:07) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: or at least, it didn't seem like the kind of company that would be looking to do business with you
(19:18:17) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: well, not specifically
(19:19:18) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: is a Golden Mansack sort of like a Golden Shower?
(19:19:25) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: those I'm more familiar with
(19:19:51) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: not Golden
(19:19:52) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: Gold
(19:20:24) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: a gold mansack is kind of a like a body bag, only more formal and more expensive
(19:20:35) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: you see them at certain eastern funerals
(19:20:58) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: it's a highly profitable industry
(19:21:43) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: alright alright
(19:21:53) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: but where does the technology come in?
(19:22:02) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: actually they are a huge multinational financial company
(19:22:22) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: London, Zuerich, Paris, New York, Tokyo, etc.
(19:22:54) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: hm... sounds like they're pretty good in the Sack
(19:23:03) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: the Mansack, as it were
(19:23:10) Sam "Stickmansam 1024" Hughes: Quite right
ID #13
Occurred: May 21 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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<Ngamer> time for another op! who will it be this hour?!
* Ngamer sets mode: +o lb_
<Ngamer> we have a winner!
<Ngamer> check in next hour to see who takes 3rd
<cody> the log bot got op'd over me?!
<cody> fuck this
ID #433
Occurred: 28 Jun 2007
Submitted: 27 Jun 2007, 7:55 PM
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octoinky (7:38:40 PM): lamest WR ever - mariokart level shortcut has 0.00
HistoricToast (7:38:46 PM): sounds lame
octoinky (7:38:50 PM): it was glitched
HistoricToast (7:38:55 PM): din mor was glitched
Rshepherd1000 (7:39:00 PM): your nonsense is making the chat lag bloode
HistoricToast (7:39:07 PM): din mor lagged
HistoricToast (7:39:19 PM): either or that or she came so hard that time itself slowed down
ID #579
Occurred: 18 Aug 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 9:36 PM
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GoldenJ007 (6:26:32 PM): Re: depression topic
GoldenJ007 (6:26:40 PM): Pretty sure money would cure all depression I ever faced
Infilament (6:27:00 PM): jim, don't say meaningless stuff like that
Infilament (6:27:18 PM): there's no precedent in human history for that statement
DrInvertigone (6:27:24 PM): No, Ricky. He's right. Pretty sure a girlfriend would cure all depresion *I* ever faced.
Infilament (6:27:40 PM): sigh
Thiradell (7:00:06 PM): if you have a relationship that lasts at all, and that relationship ends, you will feel worse than you ever have before
Infilament (7:01:12 PM): have you experienced heartbreak to this extent?
DrInvertigone (7:02:07 PM): Yes. Constant rejection by women. By even men, to a lesser extent. Getting passed over when I applied for jobs. Other heartbreak: 2003 NLCS, Super Bowl 41, 2010 NFC Championship, 2013 Week 17, 2014 Western Conference Final Game 7.

Infilament (7:43:39 PM): alec do you think there is no deeper level of heartbreak possible than you've experienced?
DrInvertigone (7:43:56 PM): Oh, there is, but I might as well face it since I've faced a lot already.
Thiradell (7:44:01 PM): yikes
isthatagoodyouse (7:44:07 PM): that makes absolutely no sense
Thiradell (7:44:15 PM): might as well chop my arm off since I got a papercut
isthatagoodyouse (7:44:19 PM): lol

GoldenJ007 (8:31:52 PM): Corey I was almost offended when you listed sports near-misses as depression
DrInvertigone (8:33:04 PM): Your favorite team won in 2010. I wasn't alive in eighty-five!
Infilament (8:33:18 PM): says the guy who LITERALLY just lived through two championships for his favorite team
dragondragon18 (8:33:25 PM): but you were alive for the blackhawks stanley cup champs
DrInvertigone (8:33:27 PM): *Second favorite team.
Infilament (8:33:37 PM): okay, sorry, second favorite team
Infilament (8:33:39 PM): i'm really sorry for you
GoldenJ007 (8:35:22 PM): Corey, I'll take you to a Brewers vs Athletics world series game this year
GoldenJ007 (8:35:26 PM): Will you not be depressed then?
DrInvertigone (8:35:54 PM): It'll be off my bucket list. It'll give me temporary happiness, but eventually, maybe weeks or days later, I'll sink back into my sewer.
Infilament (8:36:11 PM): now replace "attend a world series game" with "be in a relationship"
Infilament (8:36:18 PM): and your statement EXACTLY applies the same way
GoldenJ007 (8:36:10 PM): A fat bitchy republican girlfriend will do the same to you
GoldenJ007 (8:36:21 PM): Eventually you will slap her for burning your macaroni and cheese
GoldenJ007 (8:36:25 PM): And you'll fight/argue and she'll break up with you
DrInvertigone (8:36:40 PM): Depends how Republican we are talking here.
Infilament (8:37:06 PM): lol
Infilament (8:37:18 PM): alec would never date a staunch right-wing girl?
DrInvertigone (8:37:37 PM): You could be conservative. Just don't be crazy.
Infilament (8:37:54 PM): aha! i found out alec's bottom line
Infilament (8:38:01 PM): any girl, as long as you're not a crazy conservative
GoldenJ007 (8:38:09 PM): Or Rachel
GoldenJ007 (8:38:55 PM): "So now he'd date me?" ~ Ritch (she was sitting behind Jim reading Chat)
DrInvertigone (8:39:21 PM): Well I wouldn't date her if I had already been in a relationship, but I'd date her to be my first to get it out of the way.
dragondragon18 (8:39:31 PM): wow
GoldenJ007 (8:39:42 PM): Rachel just went into fight mode lol
GoldenJ007 (8:39:45 PM): Holy shit I'm dying here
dragondragon18 (8:39:46 PM): lol
ID #255
Occurred: Dec 20 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(4:29:14 PM) megawabs has entered the room.
BadassFal (4:29:18 PM): morning wabs!
megawabs (4:29:32 PM): hi fal !
Im Ngamer (4:31:22 PM): morning Wabs!
megawabs (4:31:33 PM): hi jon !
megawabs (4:31:54 PM): I can't wait to receive your package ! :-)
Rshepherd1000 (4:33:52 PM): =-O=-O=-O=-O=-O
Rshepherd1000 (4:34:02 PM): ~Q~
megawabs (4:34:56 PM): what the hell are you ~Q~ing ? o_O
BadassFal (4:35:18 PM): lmao! ~Q~
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