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ID #123
Occurred: Jul 17 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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YourElitenessPD (9:25:30 PM): Fixed my quota yet?
Im Ngamer (9:26:41 PM): I'll fix your WAGON if you're not careful!
YourElitenessPD (9:28:54 PM): I don't have a wagon in my garage!
ID #535
Occurred: 11 Sep 2010
Submitted: 11 Sep 2010, 2:28 PM
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1:00:08 PM: alecboy006 entered the room.
alecboy006 (1:00:16 PM): Getting a lap top today
alecboy006 (1:00:24 PM): Min Mor and I are fighting again
Rshepherd1000 (1:00:26 PM): csb
alecboy006 (1:00:34 PM): I overheard her just now "Why didn't I get an abortion?"
Rshepherd1000 (1:00:44 PM): WHAT
alecboy006 (1:01:08 PM): Fucking bitch face I swear
Scott (1:03:12 PM): Was she talking about your siblings?
alecboy006 (1:03:23 PM): I don't have any siblings.
ID #15
Occurred: May 07 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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katslover42 (5:24:26 PM): How much dirt do you think those Jockies eat out there on the track?
CieloAzor (5:25:06 PM): The one they just showed had about 1.2 lbs of it on his face.
katslover42 (5:25:22 PM): Yea
katslover42 (5:25:28 PM): That's what I was thinking
katslover42 (5:25:36 PM): And you know they are screaming out there
katslover42 (5:25:42 PM): With their mouth wide open
CieloAzor (5:25:42 PM): He probably swallowed .54 lbs or so.
Im Ngamer (5:26:12 PM): bet you $5 it's under 0.50 lbs!
CieloAzor (5:26:23 PM): Maybe less, depending on the circumference of his mouth.
ID #414
Occurred: 26 Feb 2007
Submitted: 25 Feb 2007, 7:38 PM
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(12:18:23 AM) AlecBoy006 has entered the room.
AlecBoy006 (12:18:33 AM): Ok, I'm calling out Ngamer.
AlecBoy006 (12:19:05 AM): Ok, Jon. What are you hiding?
Im Ngamer (12:19:27 AM): my secret life as a "rapper"?
Infil12 (12:19:46 AM): ... that explains a lot.
Infil12 (12:19:58 AM): including your many "raps".
Im Ngamer (12:20:06 AM): yes, those especially
ID #109
Occurred: Jun 21 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GEmile 007: you can do 2 midterms over again if you fucked them up, in one semester
GEmile 007: I redo midterms physics and maths
NathanStinson: to need to redo
NathanStinson: nice
GEmile 007: I wanna redo kats as well
OLLE boll e007: lol
OLLE boll e007: I bet lee wouldn't like that
ID #186
Occurred: 7 Sep 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Rating: 2.560/4 (25 votes)
(02:54:32) GoldenJ007: When Wavebird was first advertised, they showed a kid with some sort of cold being thrown outside to play a game....
(02:54:40) GoldenJ007: Funny thing is, that same exact thing happened to me 2 winters ago :)
(02:54:50) wheatrich: except jimbo didn't have a cold
(02:54:57) wheatrich: or a game
ID #128
Occurred: Jul 22 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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octoinky (4:05:11 AM): I usually last long enough
octoinky (4:05:12 AM): ;-)
ShadowZeroPD (4:05:18 AM): din mor said otherwise last night
octoinky (4:05:46 AM): ;-)
octoinky (4:05:55 AM): eh personal WR (worst record) is 15 seconds
octoinky (4:05:58 AM): i was like wtf??!
CieloAzor (4:06:04 AM): What the?
ShadowZeroPD (4:06:08 AM): lol
octoinky (4:06:09 AM): i have no idea
CieloAzor (4:06:16 AM): Unlucky.
CieloAzor (4:06:24 AM): That was just a bad run.
octoinky (4:06:30 AM): well, she doesn't care, it wasn't really awkward
ShadowZeroPD (4:06:32 AM): you probly need a better strat
ShadowZeroPD (4:06:53 AM): several vids on the net
ID #584
Occurred: 9 Dec 2014
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 8:33 PM
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(22:17:42) ngonhislaptop: alright Jim consider me IN at the $120 price point for this Patriots @ Packers game if you can lock in a no-Ritch weekend
(22:18:05) ngonhislaptop: anything higher price than that will need to be reconfirmed, and any Ritch voids the contract
(22:18:48) Thiradell: Ng tells it like it is
(22:21:39) pylemire: ngsuperleg sure knows what he wants!
(22:26:29) DKK5: who controls speed run jon?
(22:26:59) Infilament: ngamer, will you ever spend a full day with ritch
(22:27:05) Infilament: under any circumstances, ever, in your lifetime
(22:28:27) ngonhislaptop: hmmm I guess for a million dollars I would, if it happened 70 years from now and I was deaf and blind
(22:28:44) GoldenJ007: Guess I won't waste the money on an Ngamer wedding invite
(22:30:13) Infilament: what about if you, jimbo, wiff, me, youse, DK, third, and 12 other eliters all went to a football game at lambeau together
(22:30:17) Infilament: BUT ritch also came along
(22:30:34) Infilament: would that be a dealbreaker for you
(22:30:42) Infilament: we would make sure she sat on the opposite end of the row from you
(22:31:03) ngonhislaptop: hmm... I'd go if she took her own car and sat on the other side of the stadium and didn't hang with us before or after
(22:31:13) DKK5: lol
(22:32:11) Infilament: no, she would come in one of the same vehicles we take
(22:33:47) ngonhislaptop: hmmm I'd be willing to drive her if she rode in the trunk and I was already in the stadium before Jim opened it
(22:33:55) Thiradell: lol
ID #574
Occurred: 29 Sep 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 9:12 PM
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*while boycotting the NFL over domestic abuse, Alec gets overly excited watching the meaningless final games of the baseball season between a bunch of already eliminated teams*

DrInvertigone (12:29:39 PM): So hard to continue my vegetarian run when I crave a BBQ burger right now, but I must persist.
DKK5 (12:30:15 PM): lol
DrInvertigone (12:43:24 PM): Seriously ready to start crying watching Jeter right now.
DrInvertigone (1:24:26 PM): Jeter is at the plate right now.
DrInvertigone (1:24:33 PM): I ain't missing this for nothing.
DrInvertigone (1:26:26 PM): Such a special moment.
DrInvertigone (1:26:37 PM): Like I really have tried to hold back tears by watching Jeter today.

DrInvertigone (2:08:42 PM): What an amazing freaking catch by Jorge Soler!
DrInvertigone (2:11:26 PM): Great bunt by Valbuena!

DrInvertigone (2:12:43 PM): Have to stray away from the Cubs game for now. Zimmermann six outs away from no-hitting the Fish.
DrInvertigone (2:23:24 PM): 3 outs away!
DrInvertigone (2:34:29 PM): Can Jordan Zimmermann do it?
DrInvertigone (2:35:32 PM): This is so intense right now.
DrInvertigone (2:35:40 PM): 2-1 count.
DrInvertigone (2:35:48 PM): Zimmermann two outs away from a no-hitter.
isthatagoodt (2:36:14 PM): would you SERIOUSLY waste a strong pitcher to death in a game that means NOTHING
isthatagoodt (2:36:29 PM): in order to send him out for 5 innings of 5 run ball in a playoff loss?
isthatagoodt (2:37:31 PM): and a no hitter against a terrible team on the last day of the season isn't really that impressive
DrInvertigone (2:37:35 PM): ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
DrInvertigone (2:37:37 PM): WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DrInvertigone (2:38:14 PM): DID I JUST SEE THAT?????
DrInvertigone (2:38:30 PM): MLB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
DrInvertigone (2:43:13 PM): Okay, I need to get up and walk around and calm down. I'm all shaken up from that catch.
DrInvertigone (2:45:53 PM): I'm just mindblown.
DrInvertigone (2:45:57 PM): Completely mindblown.
DrInvertigone (2:46:06 PM): No way NFL could top something like that catch.
DrInvertigone (2:47:39 PM): I'm in shock.
DrInvertigone (2:47:43 PM): Just in legit shock.
DrInvertigone (2:47:56 PM): So glad I'm not watching NFL.
DrInvertigone (3:04:12 PM): I need to breathe.
DrInvertigone (3:04:17 PM): I can't do it.
isthatagoodt (3:05:04 PM): if watching a game on TV causes you not to breathe, things are more serious than you know
DrInvertigone (3:05:36 PM): Well, not literally. Just shortness of breath, shock, having a hard time breathing normally right now.
BluelineGoddess (3:05:53 PM): Not really but *description of breathing troubles*
DrInvertigone (3:20:30 PM): Feel like I want to pass out.
DrInvertigone (3:20:40 PM): Just nauseous right now.
ID #422
Occurred: 5 Apr 2007
Submitted: 11 Apr 2007, 9:59 PM
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HistoricToast (3:07:52 AM): theres not a music video for i'm not sick but I'm not well on youtube other than anime!
octoinky (3:08:40 AM): by lit?
HistoricToast (3:08:43 AM): no octo, by Harvey Danger
octoinky (3:08:52 AM): cant help you there! though i think i saw it on MTV like 5 yrs ago ;-)
HistoricToast (3:08:58 AM): funny guy
HistoricToast (3:09:42 AM): Also, all mtv shows is cribs and pimp my ride.
octoinky (3:09:50 AM): MTV sucks so bad
HistoricToast (3:09:55 AM): it's like
HistoricToast (3:09:58 AM): YO YO YO MUSIC TV
HistoricToast (3:10:01 AM): BUT FIRST
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