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ID #574
Occurred: 29 Sep 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 9:12 PM
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*while boycotting the NFL over domestic abuse, Alec gets overly excited watching the meaningless final games of the baseball season between a bunch of already eliminated teams*

DrInvertigone (12:29:39 PM): So hard to continue my vegetarian run when I crave a BBQ burger right now, but I must persist.
DKK5 (12:30:15 PM): lol
DrInvertigone (12:43:24 PM): Seriously ready to start crying watching Jeter right now.
DrInvertigone (1:24:26 PM): Jeter is at the plate right now.
DrInvertigone (1:24:33 PM): I ain't missing this for nothing.
DrInvertigone (1:26:26 PM): Such a special moment.
DrInvertigone (1:26:37 PM): Like I really have tried to hold back tears by watching Jeter today.

DrInvertigone (2:08:42 PM): What an amazing freaking catch by Jorge Soler!
DrInvertigone (2:11:26 PM): Great bunt by Valbuena!

DrInvertigone (2:12:43 PM): Have to stray away from the Cubs game for now. Zimmermann six outs away from no-hitting the Fish.
DrInvertigone (2:23:24 PM): 3 outs away!
DrInvertigone (2:34:29 PM): Can Jordan Zimmermann do it?
DrInvertigone (2:35:32 PM): This is so intense right now.
DrInvertigone (2:35:40 PM): 2-1 count.
DrInvertigone (2:35:48 PM): Zimmermann two outs away from a no-hitter.
isthatagoodt (2:36:14 PM): would you SERIOUSLY waste a strong pitcher to death in a game that means NOTHING
isthatagoodt (2:36:29 PM): in order to send him out for 5 innings of 5 run ball in a playoff loss?
isthatagoodt (2:37:31 PM): and a no hitter against a terrible team on the last day of the season isn't really that impressive
DrInvertigone (2:37:35 PM): ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
DrInvertigone (2:37:37 PM): WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DrInvertigone (2:38:14 PM): DID I JUST SEE THAT?????
DrInvertigone (2:38:30 PM): MLB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
DrInvertigone (2:43:13 PM): Okay, I need to get up and walk around and calm down. I'm all shaken up from that catch.
DrInvertigone (2:45:53 PM): I'm just mindblown.
DrInvertigone (2:45:57 PM): Completely mindblown.
DrInvertigone (2:46:06 PM): No way NFL could top something like that catch.
DrInvertigone (2:47:39 PM): I'm in shock.
DrInvertigone (2:47:43 PM): Just in legit shock.
DrInvertigone (2:47:56 PM): So glad I'm not watching NFL.
DrInvertigone (3:04:12 PM): I need to breathe.
DrInvertigone (3:04:17 PM): I can't do it.
isthatagoodt (3:05:04 PM): if watching a game on TV causes you not to breathe, things are more serious than you know
DrInvertigone (3:05:36 PM): Well, not literally. Just shortness of breath, shock, having a hard time breathing normally right now.
BluelineGoddess (3:05:53 PM): Not really but *description of breathing troubles*
DrInvertigone (3:20:30 PM): Feel like I want to pass out.
DrInvertigone (3:20:40 PM): Just nauseous right now.
ID #35
Occurred: Jan 10 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (1:14:38 AM): nay, I can't talk to Boss because he's blocked
Im Ngamer (1:15:03 AM): I don't think I need to go into why
Im Ngamer (1:17:20 AM): (ask anyways)
YourElitenessPD (1:17:30 AM): Why?
Im Ngamer (1:19:07 AM): he insulted my garden!
YourElitenessPD (1:19:34 AM): Your garden sucks!
Im Ngamer (1:19:48 AM): oh man
Im Ngamer (1:20:10 AM): if this were an IM window, you'd be blocked so fast your head would still be spinning
Im Ngamer (1:20:19 AM): on the CARPET
Im Ngamer (1:20:36 AM): (implying it'd no longer be attached to your neck)
Im Ngamer (1:21:05 AM): (not that you'd be break dancing like a maniac)
ID #28
Occurred: Mar 18 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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COME as u r337 (4:17:06 PM): Playing: Come, Jon, Trent, Clark, Chan, Reds
COME as u r337 (4:17:09 PM): Ready here.
Im Ngamer (4:17:14 PM): Dad WON'T GET OFF TV
Im Ngamer (4:17:17 PM): arg
MiG144MFI (4:17:42 PM): Hurry, past my bedtime.
Washed Up Gamer (4:18:04 PM): yeah, i've got people to see, suicide attempts to botch...
Washed Up Gamer (4:18:08 PM): let's move it along
COME as u r337 (4:18:23 PM): I'm 4 behind on my masturbation quota for the day! Hurry up!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (4:18:32 PM): just play 1 handed
COME as u r337 (4:18:33 PM): Wait.. the endscene will make me only 2 behind
ID #203
Occurred: Sep 23 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo26988 (10:48:44 PM): Are you hoping that Sylvia Platt girl fucks up horribly?
Im Ngamer (10:48:51 PM): the poet?
CieloAzor (10:48:56 PM): She's dead.
Im Ngamer (10:49:12 PM): yeah, how could she mess up?
Im Ngamer (10:49:17 PM): stop rotting?
ID #195
Occurred: Sep 21 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (7:21:12 PM): quick, Sam!
Im Ngamer (7:21:20 PM): send over that bulk renamer!
Stickmansam 1024 (7:22:00 PM): to you?
Stickmansam 1024 (7:22:00 PM): now?
Im Ngamer (7:22:15 PM): yes, yes
Stickmansam 1024 (7:22:15 PM): http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Main_Intro.php
Im Ngamer (7:23:14 PM): this better rename my bulk, or else
Im Ngamer (7:23:17 PM): *shakes fist*
Neo26988 (7:23:31 PM): I wouldn't really call what you have a bulk, Ngay. =D
Stickmansam 1024 (7:26:15 PM): well of course you wouldn't
Stickmansam 1024 (7:26:17 PM): he renamed it
ID #20
Occurred: Apr 28 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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COME as u r337 (5:39:10 PM): They should make poison fortune cookies..
COME as u r337 (5:39:23 PM): and have the fortune say "You will die in 5...4...3...2...1..."
ID #482
Occurred: 7 Apr 2008
Submitted: 7 Apr 2008, 10:05 PM
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[20:48] octoinky: how is dayle's name pronounced? is it dayle as one syllable, or day-lee?
[20:49] DKK5: Dayle like "stale"?
[20:49] NgamerAtWork: Dayle like nail
[20:50] CieloAzor: Dayle like fail
[20:50] CometSH: Dayle like pale?
[20:50] rshepherd1000: dayle like male?
[20:51] DKK5: Like whale?
ID #162
Occurred: Aug 08 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (9:39:08 PM): eh, wheat is such a gay
Im Ngamer (9:39:15 PM): he's refusing to Fantasy with us this year
dragondragon18 (9:39:26 PM): he thinks hes too good for us
COME as u r337 (9:39:26 PM): ...Jon.. calling someone gay???
CieloAzor (9:39:36 PM): Jon called somebody a gay?
COME as u r337 (9:39:42 PM): That's like Neo making a funny joke!
ID #556
Occurred: 18 Jan 2012
Submitted: 18 Jan 2012, 10:17 AM
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beastynetbook (4:05:21 PM): why did goose leave
carathornpd (4:05:34 PM): he had a gf
carathornpd (4:06:04 PM): dont think he does anymore
HistoricToast (4:07:46 PM): infil said they broke up i think
HistoricToast (4:07:51 PM): she broke up w/him i imagine?
carathornpd (4:08:08 PM): kind of
carathornpd (4:08:28 PM): he basically gave her so much attention that she lost interest quickly
carathornpd (4:08:35 PM): a fatal mistake we all make once
carathornpd (4:10:17 PM): yet have to make
carathornpd (4:11:06 PM): too many insults currently going through my mind
carathornpd (4:11:22 PM): bbl when Ive forgotten about them
HistoricToast (4:11:57 PM): i don't think i'm in danger of ever making that mistake etc etc etc
beastynetbook (4:12:09 PM): lool
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