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ID #499
Occurred: 12 Feb 2009
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:11 AM
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11:26:14 PM *** CieloAzor has joined the chat.
11:26:54 PM SupaOdin: well look what the cat dragged in
11:27:00 PM IsThatAGoodThing: Haha it's Queer Blazer
11:27:50 PM CieloAzor: my blazer is quite stylish, thank you very much
11:28:30 PM IsThatAGoodThing: If you are wearing a blazer right now
11:28:34 PM IsThatAGoodThing: Put on a pair of mittens
11:28:40 PM dkk5: It's not a jacket, it's a duster
11:28:46 PM IsThatAGoodThing: (Then you'll be wearing the same outfit as me!)
11:28:57 PM CieloAzor: what an odd pairing
11:29:20 PM IsThatAGoodThing: Yeah, I am willing to bet it has NEVER been done in the history of The-Elite
11:29:30 PM IsThatAGoodThing: Two people sitting at their computer wearing a blazer and mittens
11:29:34 PM IsThatAGoodThing: And typing back and forth
11:29:35 PM CieloAzor: lol
11:29:58 PM CieloAzor: I'm not sure I own mittens
ID #498
Occurred: 4 Feb 2009
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:11 AM
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AlecBoy006 (9:18:21 PM): The thing is, they are still determining the Senate.
AlecBoy006 (9:18:28 PM): Who knows how long it will carry on.
AlecBoy006 (9:18:46 PM): I think Franken should get the seat.
AlecBoy006 (9:19:09 PM): He lead the percentage vote and popular vote.
isthatagoodt (9:19:15 PM): .....
isthatagoodt (9:19:16 PM): Corey
isthatagoodt (9:19:18 PM): .....
isthatagoodt (9:19:18 PM): WTF
BluelineGoddess (9:20:25 PM): are we thinking popular and electoral maybe?
isthatagoodt (9:20:33 PM): I don't know WHAT he's thinking
AlecBoy006 (9:20:45 PM): Franken's percentage: 41.991%
BluelineGoddess (9:20:47 PM): like I think certain counties are worth more in state races
AlecBoy006 (9:20:54 PM): Coleman: 41.984%
AlecBoy006 (9:21:19 PM): Franken popular vote: 1,212,431
AlecBoy006 (9:21:25 PM): Coleman 1,212,206
BluelineGoddess (9:21:33 PM): well obv popular and percentage will match up
isthatagoodt (9:21:34 PM): so coleman lost by just over 200 votes
isthatagoodt (9:21:37 PM): the vote total
isthatagoodt (9:21:39 PM): and the percentage
isthatagoodt (9:21:42 PM): are functions of each other!
isthatagoodt (9:21:43 PM): silly!!!
AlecBoy006 (9:22:15 PM): He won the popular of the vote and had the higher percentage of the votes.
isthatagoodt (9:22:16 PM): ........
isthatagoodt (9:22:23 PM): Yes
BluelineGoddess (9:22:24 PM): uh
isthatagoodt (9:22:25 PM): He had the higher percentage
isthatagoodt (9:22:27 PM): that's why he WON
BluelineGoddess (9:22:34 PM): that's implied with having the most votes
isthatagoodt (9:22:38 PM): thats why he had the highest percentage
BluelineGoddess (9:22:41 PM): you can't have fewer votes and a higher percentage
AlecBoy006 (9:24:43 PM): Yes. Because he had more votes he gets a higher percentage.
isthatagoodt (9:25:07 PM): Really?
AlecBoy006 (9:25:07 PM): Yes.
BluelineGoddess (9:25:15 PM): they sky is blue, when I look up I see cobalt.
BluelineGoddess (9:25:22 PM): holy redundancy
isthatagoodt (9:25:26 PM): But if Barry Bonds had more hits in the same amount of at bats as Chipper Jones, who would have the higher batting average
AlecBoy006 (9:25:50 PM): Wouldn't Bonds get it? Cause it's hits divided by at bats.
Thiradell (9:25:55 PM): lol
Thiradell (9:25:56 PM): Very good.
isthatagoodt (9:26:00 PM): Yeah but what if Jones won the percentage?
AlecBoy006 (9:26:12 PM): I suppose it wouldn't count.
Thiradell (9:26:18 PM): Oh Lord.
ID #497
Occurred: 18 Jan 2009
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:11 AM
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AlecBoy006: It's just that, people at school both students and teachers, more or so the latter, believe I have a voice for radio.
rshepherd1000: *face
ID #496
Occurred: 2 Jan 2009
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:10 AM
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wheatrich (1:27:18 AM): Charles Barkley: "I Was Gonna Drive Around The Corner And Get A Blow Job. "
Im Ngamer (1:30:25 AM): what's that, the title for his autobiography?
Infil12 (1:35:23 AM): normally that sounds like the title of an onion article
Infil12 (1:35:29 AM): but with him, it's less likely
wheatrich (1:44:02 AM): oh that was a serious Q?
wheatrich (1:44:15 AM): it was the excuse for him running a stop sign with his DUI arrest on New Year's Eve
Im Ngamer (1:45:56 AM): if I were a cop and he gave me that excuse, I would get him off for sure
Im Ngamer (1:46:00 AM): *let
wheatrich (1:46:44 AM): I believe both statements ng
Infil12 (1:51:22 AM): they call that a freudian slip
ID #495
Occurred: 28 Dec 2008
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:09 AM
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[23:46] GoldenJ007: Wondering if I should go shovel out Lambeau Field tomorrow
[23:46] GoldenJ007: $8/hr
[23:47] GoldenJ007: Gotta be there at 8 AM though bah
[23:47] GoldenJ007: Jon you should drive up here and shovel lambeau, make some money, and borrow me MKWii
[00:08] NgamerAtWork: nay, I like the idea of you getting Kart at the theater more
[00:08] GoldenJ007: I don't!
[00:09] NgamerAtWork: too bad, we have a date!
[00:10] BluelineGoddess: who's buying the popcorn?
[00:11] GoldenJ007: Obv Jon
[00:13] NgamerAtWork: well I'll get some if Jim wants, but I'll get it for free
[00:16] BluelineGoddess: we should take bets on who does the yawn-stretch thing first
[00:17] wheatrich: man even I can't keep the frown through dayle's comments
[00:17] BluelineGoddess: sorry for ruining your bad mood, wheatie
[00:18] wheatrich: I know I hate you for it
ID #494
Occurred: 15 Oct 2008
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:09 AM
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*during video game costume KotH*

<Ngamer> (21:56:30) [0:45, 2 points, 2 answers]
Q8. Holy wow, that's an eye-catching pair of.... boots she's sporting. It's pretty shameful to lose to a girl, but if doing so resulted in a victory pose like THIS, I bet it would happen much more often. Can you name this queen of the fighting scene, and what series she comes from?


<Ngamer> (21:57:17) TIME is up for everyone!
<Ngamer> (21:57:29) this is of course...
<KotHBot> (21:57:32) Correct answer: Cammy from Street Fighter
<KotHBot> (21:57:32) +2 points to Infil

*later on*

<Ngamer> (22:33:21) here's a bonus of Cammy!
<Ngamer> (22:33:24) http://ngamer.speedrunwiki.com/2008koth/earlyhalloween/529BONUS.jpg
<Infilament> (22:33:45) now THAT is top tier
<DK> (22:33:47) I wonder if she has Cammy-toe
ID #493
Occurred: 10 Sep 2008
Submitted: 11 Sep 2008, 1:19 AM
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RyanWhiteGoose (11:05:47 PM): what IS Hadron?
JackOfWailing (11:06:39 PM): it's a part of a prticle
JackOfWailing (11:06:47 PM): sub-atomic particle
RyanWhiteGoose (11:12:15 PM): wow
holycatholique (11:14:52 PM): Hardon*
CieloAzor (11:15:17 PM): maybe your hardon is subatomic
ID #492
Occurred: 6 Aug 2008
Submitted: 8 Aug 2008, 7:37 AM
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dragondragon18 (14:21:18): jim wants to leave a day earlier if possible
BluelineGoddess (14:21:37): just so there's only 3 of you in the van rofl
wheatrich (14:21:42): will anyone be there a day earlier?
dragondragon18 (14:21:53): well, we'd get there tuesday night
DKK5 (14:22:26): "Goddammit"
wheatrich (14:22:27): right but will anyone BE there
wheatrich (14:22:35): as in the weathertons
dragondragon18 (14:22:40): we will!
DKK5 (14:22:53): They can sleep in the van if nobody is there
DKK5 (14:23:00): Since there's only 3 people
wheatrich (14:23:13): not sure 3 would fit so well sleeping all at once
wheatrich (14:23:26): but the van can easily hold 4 I don't know what jim's problem is
BluelineGoddess (14:23:26): 3 people don't need much room
wheatrich (14:23:43): I think he wants to sleep on the way in/out
DKK5 (14:23:57): "You try keeping 4 people happy in the van *kicks you in the nuts*"
wheatrich (14:23:59): but there still should be some room for that given we're not taking sleeping stuff like last year
wheatrich (14:24:10): and by we I mean they
wheatrich (14:24:19): since I'm not going in the van
DKK5 (14:24:57): It seems like Jim wants this entire meet catered to his interests as much as possible
BluelineGoddess (14:25:18): much like he wants life catered to him as much as possible
wheatrich (14:25:47): he knows enough caterers
ID #491
Occurred: 26 Jul 2008
Submitted: 28 Jul 2008, 12:57 AM
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COME as u r3 7 (7:45:47 PM): speaking of blowjobs
COME as u r3 7 (7:45:51 PM): back to bed with dayle!
DKK5 (7:46:12 PM): You watch your mouth
COME as u r3 7 (7:46:20 PM): i'll be watching her mouth!
ID #490
Occurred: 14 Jul 2008
Submitted: 14 Jul 2008, 11:15 PM
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10:11:40 PM AlecBoy006: The players used to paid at the end of every episode.
10:11:42 PM AlecBoy006: The winner that is.
10:11:52 PM AlecBoy006: Kinda like jeopardy- where the winner returns for the next episode.
10:12:03 PM AlecBoy006: It took place in Wrigley Field from Los Angeles.
10:12:06 PM Brent Wingert: lucky for you chat's not like that show alec
10:12:09 PM Brent Wingert: you'd never return
10:12:23 PM AlecBoy006: So you're calling me a loser?
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