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ID #528
Occurred: 11 Jun 2010
Submitted: 11 Jun 2010, 4:49 PM
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AlecBoy006 (3:37:00 PM): Area 51 looks confusing
AlecBoy006 (3:37:08 PM): I am watching a vid on youtube right now
l Am Dreamz (3:37:33 PM): reading alec's chat is like reading the most boring twitter account ever
AlecBoy006 (3:37:46 PM): I have a feeling you're gay for me.
AlecBoy006 (3:37:53 PM): I just have this feeling inside
Thiradell (3:38:31 PM): what
AlecBoy006 (3:38:55 PM): My explanation behind this reasoning is you never say anything kind about me, ever. Even if I am not directly talking to you. Many people try to hide their crushes by being mean to them.
l Am Dreamz (3:38:58 PM): i would be if you had anything resembling male genatalia
AlecBoy006 (3:39:13 PM): My penis, for one.
Thiradell (3:39:15 PM): lolol
Thiradell (3:39:27 PM): this cannot be happening
pylemire (3:39:28 PM): welp!
pylemire (3:39:40 PM): I have to leave unfortunately!
AlecBoy006 (3:39:31 PM): Of course you vehemently deny this, but I'm not expecting any different.
l Am Dreamz (3:39:46 PM): don't think i've denied it thus far
l Am Dreamz (3:39:54 PM): i want to fuck you roughly in the night, Alec
AlecBoy006 (3:40:11 PM): I wasn't expecting you to admit it!
AlecBoy006 (3:40:13 PM): You sick fuck
Thiradell (3:40:22 PM): Durk, that's nasty
l Am Dreamz (3:40:54 PM): i couldn't contain my attraction to you any longer
ID #526
Occurred: 29 May 2010
Submitted: 29 May 2010, 3:48 AM
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2:44:13 infil12: i was the best man for a friend a few years ago
2:44:17 infil12: p neat experience
2:44:29 isthatagoodt: niiiice
2:44:33 historictoast: as in the best man he ever put his cock in?
2:44:44 imngamer: *jaw drops again*
2:44:59 infil12: and bloode wonders why he doesn't have any friends!
2:45:00 historictoast: careful infil might stick his dick in there
2:45:04 historictoast: though you'd want that wouldn't you
2:45:13 imngamer: *jaw drops even wider*
2:45:22 historictoast: don't give him that much credit
2:45:23 infil12: he asked me to drink the champagne during the toasts at the reception
2:45:30 infil12: which was the only thing that was a little meh
2:45:41 infil12: did it for his sake, though, p much the only time i've ever had alcohol
2:45:48 historictoast: so basically you're square
2:45:51 imngamer: dang, could have just faked it
2:45:56 infil12: i tried faking it
2:46:03 infil12: he caught me and said to drink it during the next toast, lol
2:46:25 historictoast: sounds super weird
2:46:29 historictoast: like everything
2:46:32 historictoast: you faking it is weird
2:46:36 historictoast: him confronting you about it is weird
2:46:54 isthatagoodt: dang, that would be kinda awkward
2:46:54 infil12: it wasn't a big deal
2:46:59 isthatagoodt: guess i'll just get water in mine
2:47:03 historictoast: i guess you sucking his cock in front of everyone was probably the weirdest part huh
2:47:12 infil12: i didn't chug it down or anything, just had a small sip at the next toast or two
2:47:16 historictoast: lmao
2:47:27 historictoast: omg
2:47:35 historictoast: i make myself cry with laughter
2:47:38 historictoast: that's what it's come to
2:47:44 historictoast: calling people gay on the internet and crying
ID #524
Occurred: 5 May 2010
Submitted: 5 May 2010, 3:04 AM
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Im Ngamer (1:26:47 AM): Third, ready to play The Game?
Thiradell (1:27:06 AM): sure
Im Ngamer (1:28:07 AM): okay, the game is called "Is That A Sin?"
Im Ngamer (1:28:14 AM): I'll give you a set of circumstances
Im Ngamer (1:28:23 AM): and you tell me if it would be a sin or not
Thiradell (1:28:24 AM): cool
Thiradell (1:28:25 AM): sounds fun
Im Ngamer (1:59:58 AM): * vaginal sex, but you're the last two people on earth and there's no pastor to marry you and you're married in your own mind
Thiradell (2:00:14 AM): that's fine
Im Ngamer (2:02:49 AM): * anal sex, but you're on a deserted island for 5 years and married in your own mind. (also it's two men)
Thiradell (2:02:56 AM): lol
Thiradell (2:02:56 AM): a sin
Thiradell (2:03:01 AM): (also it's two men)
Thiradell (2:03:05 AM): (you know)
Thiradell (2:03:08 AM): (changes things a little bit)
ID #523
Occurred: 2 May 2010
Submitted: 3 May 2010, 2:06 AM
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Alec posts a sexy story on the board using GE levels in every line

GoldenJ007 (12:59:55 AM): "God Dam, I need to use the Facilities to take a shit my nigga, or it gonna runway from my asshole!"
"Shit nigga, on the surface you look fine, but in the bunker you must feel like a silo's running through you!"
"Frigate hurts god damnit, on the surface 2 I agree with you, but bunker 2 feels like a statue's in there!"
"Archive that nigga for later and sell it on the streets, there's depots full of weed coming on the next train"
Thiradell (12:59:59 AM): loooooooooooooooooooool
Thiradell (1:00:03 AM): three lines
HistoricToast (1:00:04 AM): LLOLOL
SupaOdin (1:00:06 AM): wtf
HistoricToast (1:00:08 AM): lmao
HistoricToast (1:00:14 AM): not even finished but lolling already
HistoricToast (1:00:17 AM): omg
HistoricToast (1:00:22 AM): he's written it in character omgfg
Infil12 (1:00:26 AM): what is this i don't even
Thiradell (1:00:30 AM): it gonna runway from my asshole
HistoricToast (1:00:34 AM): LOMFGAGF
HistoricToast (1:00:38 AM): omg
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:00:38 AM): rofl
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:00:40 AM): that is EPIC
HistoricToast (1:00:44 AM): i'm fucing crying
HistoricToast (1:00:46 AM): i'm crying irl
Thiradell (1:00:47 AM): archive that nigga for later and sell it on the streets
Im Ngamer (1:01:02 AM): oh man Jim
HistoricToast (1:01:07 AM): mk;nfggfn
Thiradell (1:01:10 AM): definitely an A for effort
Im Ngamer (1:01:10 AM): you just stepped up your game big time
GoldenJ007 (1:01:17 AM): "That Jungle's out of control on din mor's cavern pussy, cradle my motherfuckin dick in yo hand and call me El Azteca as I go all Egyptian on yo ass!"
HistoricToast (1:01:17 AM): omfg
HistoricToast (1:01:19 AM): ~Q~Q~Q~~Q~Q~Q~Q
Thiradell (1:01:22 AM): in the bunker you must feel like a silo's running through you
Thiradell (1:01:25 AM): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:01:33 AM): rofllllllllll
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:01:35 AM): this is ridic
Thiradell (1:01:35 AM): El Azteca haha
HistoricToast (1:01:35 AM): never have i lolled so hard at something in chat
ID #517
Occurred: 13 Sep 2009
Submitted: 10 Jan 2010, 2:31 AM
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RyanWhiteGoose (4:19:17 PM): Scott
RyanWhiteGoose (4:19:23 PM): can you please send me a rest tent and/or a well?
RyanWhiteGoose (4:19:30 PM): preferably both
RyanWhiteGoose (4:19:33 PM): I need to own 2 building
isthatagoodt (4:19:46 PM): No thanks
isthatagoodt (4:19:50 PM): Just buy your own imo
isthatagoodt (4:19:59 PM): But you shouldn't even be worrying about that right now
RyanWhiteGoose (4:20:01 PM): DUDE JUST SEND ME ONE
RyanWhiteGoose (4:20:01 PM): FUCK
isthatagoodt (4:20:02 PM): Until you're well on your feet
RyanWhiteGoose (4:20:04 PM): DUDE
isthatagoodt (4:20:07 PM): You should be following what I told you
RyanWhiteGoose (4:20:07 PM): I NEED A RIBBON
isthatagoodt (4:20:10 PM): And maximizing profits
RyanWhiteGoose (4:20:12 PM): FOR OWNING 2 BUILDINDS
RyanWhiteGoose (4:20:14 PM): YES IM DOING THAT
isthatagoodt (4:20:16 PM): Instead of dicking around with ribbons right now
isthatagoodt (4:20:22 PM): No, you're focused way too much on ribbons
isthatagoodt (4:20:32 PM): You can mess around with that shit once you have a 20x20 farm
isthatagoodt (4:20:39 PM): They'll be much easier then
isthatagoodt (4:20:47 PM): Want 50 tents then? You have enough cash to do it
isthatagoodt (4:20:55 PM): Want 250 hay bales? 5 mins ure done
isthatagoodt (4:21:01 PM): But when you're still starting
isthatagoodt (4:21:04 PM): It's pointless
isthatagoodt (4:21:10 PM): Going after those ribbons now is counterproductive
RyanWhiteGoose (4:21:30 PM): FUCK YOU SCOTT
isthatagoodt (4:22:14 PM): Beg all you want, I'm not sending you anything
isthatagoodt (4:22:22 PM): Mainly because I've used all my requests with that application for the day
RyanWhiteGoose (4:22:30 PM): you're a fucking homosexual
RyanWhiteGoose (4:22:37 PM): you will NEVER INSERT YOUR PENIS INTO A VAGINA
RyanWhiteGoose (4:22:45 PM): maybe if you send me a REST TENT on FARMVILLE I CAN HELP YOU
rshepherd1000 (4:22:59 PM): this argument is hilarious on about 20 different levels
isthatagoodt (4:23:03 PM): I won't?
isthatagoodt (4:23:09 PM): Last I checked I was the one with a girlfriend
isthatagoodt (4:23:18 PM): And you were the one wearing around kiddie band T-shirts to high schools
RyanWhiteGoose (4:23:18 PM): because I gave you all the advice you used
RyanWhiteGoose (4:23:37 PM): you know you only have Sophia because of the things I told you to do
isthatagoodt (4:23:47 PM): Opposite
isthatagoodt (4:23:55 PM): I only have her because I did the OPPOSITE of what you told me to do
RyanWhiteGoose (4:24:07 PM): fine, but if it weren't for me you wouldn't have her
Infil12 (4:24:31 PM): goose is asking if it's okay for him to spend a night or two with her every month
Infil12 (4:24:35 PM): help a brotha out
isthatagoodt (4:24:43 PM): Lol
RyanWhiteGoose (4:24:45 PM): no I don't want Sophia
RyanWhiteGoose (4:24:48 PM): I WANT A REST TENT
rshepherd1000 (4:24:58 PM): ~Q~
ID #516
Occurred: 11 Dec 2009
Submitted: 11 Dec 2009, 11:01 PM
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[21:50] GoldenJ007: Gonna shovel out lambeau tomorrow for mega $$
[21:50] GoldenJ007: Bringing Rachel of course, $$ x2
[21:51] Ngameratwork: $8 an hour is mega bucks?
[21:51] GoldenJ007: cash? tax free?
[21:51] GoldenJ007: It's good money!
[21:51] Ngameratwork: surely it couldn't take more than 4 hours
[21:51] GoldenJ007: Usually 6
[21:51] GoldenJ007: i'd love to shovel for 6
[21:52] CieloAzor: I don't think you could shovel for 2
[21:53] CieloAzor: you'd be out of breath within 5 minutes, tubby
[21:53] GoldenJ007: I'm in fantastic shape!
[21:53] DKK5: Round is, indeed, a fantastic shape
ID #515
Occurred: 12 Sep 2009
Submitted: 12 Sep 2009, 4:00 PM
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RyanWhiteGoose (2:51:33 PM): Im now going to pour baking soda on my carpet
rshepherd1000 (2:52:45 PM): ...baking soda?
RyanWhiteGoose (2:53:09 PM): well Shep
RyanWhiteGoose (2:53:18 PM): it's called Odor Eliminator by Arm & Hammer
octoinky (2:53:49 PM): WTF did you do, goose, take a dump on your floor?
RyanWhiteGoose (2:54:24 PM): no Octo
RyanWhiteGoose (2:54:32 PM): I've jizzed on my floor approx 2000 times in the past 8 years
octoinky (2:54:52 PM): wtf
PYLemire (2:54:57 PM): tissues? :p
RyanWhiteGoose (2:55:24 PM): I hate tissues
RyanWhiteGoose (2:55:27 PM): I used to use my garbage bin
RyanWhiteGoose (2:55:31 PM): but that got too gross
octoinky (2:55:10 PM): just put a box of.. yeah.. tissues.. on your desk
COME as u r337 (2:56:00 PM): or just get a girl that cant get preggers and you're fine
DKK5 (2:56:40 PM): Goose's age preference has that covered I'd imagine
ID #514
Occurred: 23 Aug 2009
Submitted: 23 Aug 2009, 3:55 PM
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ShadowZeroPD (11:14:49 AM): alliance wins!
ShadowZeroPD (11:14:51 AM): 2 to go
IVI4RK (11:21:25 AM): cool story bro
holycatholique (11:25:28 AM): cool "cool story, bro" story, bro
O Beeeeeasty (11:25:54 AM): cool "cool "cool story, bro" story, bro" story bro
ID #513
Occurred: 19 Aug 2009
Submitted: 20 Aug 2009, 12:43 AM
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Im Ngamer (11:37:52 PM): Jim, a friend at work is giving away kittens, would you like one?
GoldenJ007 (11:38:08 PM): Seriously?
GoldenJ007 (11:38:09 PM): Sure
CarathornPD (11:38:17 PM): they are not for eating
Thiradell (11:38:20 PM): hahaha
GoldenJ007 (11:38:21 PM): bah
CieloAzor (11:38:32 PM): so nevermind?
ID #512
Occurred: 4 Aug 2009
Submitted: 5 Aug 2009, 1:00 AM
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(in the middle of a KotH that Alec thinks he knows but has scored 0 points for)
Im Ngamer (11:23:32 PM): #8.
Im Ngamer (11:23:52 PM): Rank These Quarterbacks by Highest TD to Interception Ratio, Lifetime
Im Ngamer (11:23:56 PM): A. Bart Starr
Im Ngamer (11:24:00 PM): B. John Elway
Im Ngamer (11:24:06 PM): C. Brett Favre
GoldenJ007 (11:24:14 PM): Easy as pie
Im Ngamer (11:24:36 PM): 10 seconds!
AlecBoy006 (11:24:38 PM): I know who is lowest
COME as u r337 (11:24:41 PM): Jimbo has said every one of these is easy
COME as u r337 (11:24:43 PM): and he has 0 points
SupaOdin (11:24:49 PM): lol come
Im Ngamer (11:24:58 PM): TIME!
GoldenJ007 (11:24:58 PM): Favre is highest, Starr is lowest, based on logic, Elway is in the middle!
Thiradell (11:25:05 PM): How is Favre highest?
Im Ngamer (11:25:06 PM): correct answer is...
Im Ngamer (11:25:10 PM): Brett Favre (.599, 464-310) > John Elway (.570, 300-226) > Bart Starr (.524, 152-138)
AlecBoy006 (11:25:14 PM): SCORE!
Redsrule3500 (11:25:27 PM): YAY!
AlecBoy006 (11:25:38 PM): It's easy to have Bart Starr as the lowest when he has never thrown 20 touchdowns in a season
Im Ngamer (11:25:56 PM): Mgay, Jim, Reds score points!
GoldenJ007 (11:26:02 PM): Alec didn't?
GoldenJ007 (11:26:03 PM): heh
Thiradell (11:26:07 PM): And Corey?
AlecBoy006 (11:26:08 PM): WAIT
AlecBoy006 (11:26:21 PM): I have been sending to THIRADELL INSTEAD OF NGAMER ALL THIS TIME???
AlecBoy006 (11:26:22 PM): OMG!!!!!!
Thiradell (11:26:27 PM): looool
SupaOdin (11:26:27 PM): n00b
Regular Mg (11:26:30 PM): ahahahaha
Thiradell (11:26:34 PM): I thought you were telling me your guesses for fun!
AlecBoy006 (11:26:34 PM): I HAD THAT ONE
COME as u r337 (11:26:34 PM): AHAHAHAHAHA
GoldenJ007 (11:26:35 PM): lol...
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