Something I thought I'd share

From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 04/03/2006 8:47:31 AM
Sunday, 11th of April 2004

katslover42 (3:09:58 AM): Boards have been lagging lately, anyhow.
katslover42 (3:10:04 AM): I think it's new server time.
Comeasur37 (3:10:16 AM): you guys should start going here in a few secs
zelll99 (3:10:20 AM): im going realllly soon
katslover42 (3:10:30 AM): I always wait for the lady first.
katslover42 (3:10:33 AM): Then I go.
Comeasur37 (3:10:34 AM): Go Now!
Comeasur37 (3:10:36 AM): Zel
Comeasur37 (3:10:37 AM): Do it!
zelll99 (3:10:45 AM): *clicks*
Im Ngamer (3:10:48 AM): 6126
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:10:52 AM): i have butterflies
katslover42 (3:10:53 AM): I clicked it.
katslover42 (3:10:55 AM): It's going.
zelll99 (3:10:56 AM): *faints*
katslover42 (3:10:56 AM): Slowly
katslover42 (3:11:00 AM): Oh so slowly.
katslover42 (3:11:07 AM): LOAD FUCKER!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:11 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:15 AM): JON
zelll99 (3:11:16 AM): uber lagzorz
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:18 AM): what are we at?!??!??!??!?!??!?!?
zelll99 (3:11:25 AM): we are all dead
Im Ngamer (3:11:27 AM): 6126 last update...
katslover42 (3:11:27 AM): The board died O_o
Im Ngamer (3:11:35 AM): going slow though...
katslover42 (3:11:38 AM): I can't login.
Im Ngamer (3:11:49 AM): 6159!
Im Ngamer (3:11:52 AM): gogogogo
zelll99 (3:11:53 AM): we all dead
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:58 AM): fart
Comeasur37 (3:12:06 AM): GO GO GO GO
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:12:09 AM): K i did
zelll99 (3:12:11 AM): omfg
Im Ngamer (3:12:15 AM): The account "Milly McMill" has been activated at authorization level 11.You may proceed to the Login page from here to sign on.
zelll99 (3:12:17 AM): i forgot my password
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:12:18 AM): im waaay late though
Comeasur37 (3:12:21 AM): GO JON GO
Leet N Top (3:12:27 AM): argh the confirmation mail hasn't arrived yet
katslover42 (3:12:28 AM): HOLY FUCK!
katslover42 (3:12:32 AM): HOLY FUCK FUCK FUCK
katslover42 (3:12:33 AM): I got it
katslover42 (3:12:36 AM): I'm 1M
Comeasur37 (3:12:38 AM): post!
Comeasur37 (3:12:42 AM):
zelll99 (3:12:49 AM): User ID 1000016
zelll99 (3:12:51 AM): DAMMIT
Comeasur37 (3:12:53 AM): post kats post
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:13:07 AM): I wasnt even close :(
zelll99 (3:13:17 AM): OMFG
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:13:18 AM): 1000053
katslover42 (3:13:18 AM): HOLY SHIT
zelll99 (3:13:19 AM): KATS
katslover42 (3:13:23 AM): I CAN"T BELIEVE THAT.
zelll99 (3:13:26 AM): OMFG
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:13:28 AM): Kats got it????
zelll99 (3:13:32 AM): HE DID O_O
zelll99 (3:13:36 AM):
katslover42 (3:13:38 AM):
katslover42 (3:13:42 AM): Awww man!
zelll99 (3:13:42 AM): KATSSS U THE MAN!!!!
Im Ngamer (3:13:56 AM): User ID 1000061
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:12 AM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:15 AM): KATS
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:16 AM): omfg
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:17 AM): omfg
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:19 AM): omfg
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:19 AM): omfg
zelll99 (3:14:20 AM): i cant beleive it
Im Ngamer (3:14:32 AM): WHAT?
zelll99 (3:14:33 AM): i think kats fainted
katslover42 (3:14:34 AM): I'm so psyched right now >_<
zelll99 (3:14:39 AM): KATS GOT 1M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im Ngamer (3:15:03 AM): post your full info
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:04 AM): kats got it
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:07 AM): Jon
Im Ngamer (3:15:08 AM): that page isn't loading
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:08 AM): here
zelll99 (3:15:14 AM): yeah kats post your infos
katslover42 (3:15:24 AM): User Name Katslover User ID 1000000 Board User Level 11: Provisional (2)Created with regular e-mail. Upgraded to New User after 24 hours with positive Karma. Can create 1 topic, 20 messages per day (5 per hour).
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:30 AM):
Comeasur37 (3:15:30 AM): now...
Comeasur37 (3:15:33 AM): Suicide it!!!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:34 AM): GO KATS
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:36 AM): lol
katslover42 (3:15:36 AM): LMAO
Im Ngamer (3:15:46 AM): OMGOMGOMG
Im Ngamer (3:16:00 AM): I know the soon to be most famous user on GameFAQs
katslover42 (3:16:22 AM): Geeze, I'm getting crazy IMs 8-P

I'll upload the full day's chatlog in around 5-6 hours.
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From: RockMFR | Posted: 04/03/2006 8:54:07 AM
Getting the 200 millionth post is so much cooler than any user ID. :)
The Ohio State University: We are so much better than m*ch!g@n.
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 04/03/2006 7:50:29 PM
Warning: The 300 millionth post will be created in a few weeks from now.

Also, I was going to attempt to get User ID 1000000 but I could only make Read-Only accounts because my ISP was in bad standing with GameFAQs. So I didn't bother to try for it.

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From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 05/03/2006 1:07:19 AM
The full chatlog:
I will not use abbrev.